Yuriko makes a TV debut

May 8, 2017

Several months ago Sinthetics was thrilled to have a doll featured in a mainstream TV show. This is kind of a spoiler alert if you watch the show but a fun reason to start watching if you’ve never watched before. The show originally aired last week. Our Yuriko 2A played the character Natalie Huang on “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders” in Season 2 Episode 10 Type A. Click on the Episode name to watch the whole episode free.

It was so fascinating to be on the set, and our staff really appreciated the opportunity to see some of the behind-the-scenes functionality of sound stages as well as shooting on location with so many people involved in each episode! It’s especially interesting to know how long it took to stage and shoot for clips that are ultimately only a few seconds long in the final edit. We were really blown away by the quality of the artisanship on the beautiful sets with their crazy features like a removable ceiling for aerial shots. The amount of detail put into every scene is really astonishing. It was very inspiring. We were able to take some personal photos during the wait times so we have included those here for your enjoyment.

Yuriko as she was debuted in the show has the following details:
Body 2A, Yuriko head, Dolce skin tone, Heavy freckles and 3D beauty marks, Wig F5 Black, Deep Brown standard eyes, Paint brows, Downtown eyeshadow, Asian Chocolate liner, Natural Glow lips, Bunny teeth, Earrings, French manicure & pedicure, Standard nipples, Full Brazilian (hairless) pubic area, Removable Honeypot Insert Petite labia, Daywear shipping outfit.

If you would like to order her just as shown, please click this link. The original Yuriko 2A has happily moved abroad where she lives in Europe with her sister-identities and her new special friend.

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