We’re still going strong!

April 13, 2020

Hi Readers. We are happy to say that we are well and taking lots of precautions to remain that way through this pandemic. We’re also keeping a good sense of humor and hope you’re all able to get some laughs in too!

We have not had staff on site since March 17 but Matt and Bronwen are holding down the fort and continuing to make product and ship items. This basically means that everything ordered during the Pandemic is a “Signature Series” item because it’s being made and finished by Matt personally.

In this video you can see the way we clean and prepare all our shipments of accessory items.

As a small business we appreciate your purchases and patronage! We’re looking forward to coming through this and being able to bring our staff back. All of your support helps get us there.

Keep well and safe!

One thought on “We’re still going strong!

  1. Opiana

    I used to exchange emails with you guys. This covid is tough to handle and we customers that keep up with you guys know that you’ve been through a lot. I personally appreciate everything you guys do to make us happy. You guys bust your asses to keep things going and I can’t thank you enough. 🙂 Hope you stay safe. <3


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