Venus Flashback Part III

November 8, 2012

On day 3 (Saturday) everyone was really into the spirit of the event, and the girls were probably inspired by a nearby booth of human ponies. It seemed the perfect time to break out the bondage gear and get Gabriel all pierced out! Needless to say Sinthetics are very calm during piercings no matter how grueling the process may appear. For this part of the show, Gabriel opted for eyebrow, labret, nipple and Prince Albert piercings. The girls also got into the spirit with a few facial piercings.

2 thoughts on “Venus Flashback Part III

  1. Davecat

    Looks like A Good Time was Had by All. I’m sure Berlin appreciated your visit!

    And that standing Tawny is totally calling my name. My goodness. *loosens collar*

  2. Celeste

    All these pictures are great Sinthetics! It looks like the show was a success and I love your new male doll Gabriel and look forward to when he’s available for sale! Your dolls are so gorgeous!


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