The Good, The Bad, but Never Ugly

November 11, 2016

As the world turns, there’s always up and down for all of us! 2016 has certainly been a challenging year. Here are a couple of our recent ups-and-downs:

Many of you already know that Matt was hospitalized over Halloween with a rupture in his intestine thanks to Diverticulitis. Fortunately, he did not need emergency surgery and was able to come home after a week in hospital. He was on a course of very potent antibiotics but they appear to have killed the infection. His follow up exam this week shows he is much better. He is, however, preparing for the likelihood of a surgery to remove the damaged tissue within the next couple of months. We’re happy to say that our staff are able to handle much of the production process without Matt now which will give him a clearer head to focus on his recovery.

Right at the same time that Matt got so sick, the spectacular mini-documentary by Slutever on Vice about Sinthetics Male Dolls was released. As of this writing the video has more than 7 MILLION views!! We’re very grateful to Karley and Vice for looking at the doll industry with an open mind and removing the sensationalizing of doll ownership we’re so familiar with in the media. You can see the whole video here:

Right as Matt was recovering, our parts tech Robert was hit with Viral Meningitis that he is still recovering from. Please send any well-wishes his way. He’s back and work and pushing through, but we’re trying to give him a bit of breathing room to prevent risk of a relapse.

Next week we will resume shipping after our health crises so people who are waiting will be happy about that. We’ll post photos for everyone to enjoy as soon as we’re able.

And for your viewing enjoyment this weekend, we have a new page of photos of our Torsos. Check that out here:

7 thoughts on “The Good, The Bad, but Never Ugly

  1. Ricardo

    Is this actually going to air on HBO? I enjoy the VICE series. This is a FANTASTIC little peek into the male doll and also the creative and manufacturing process. I am more and more amazed by you guys, every time I visit the site or see something posted.

  2. Michel

    I send to Matt and Robert all my best recovery thoughts.
    And Bronwen, a thought for you too, because I am sure that it’s not easy for you to manage with all this.

    Take care eveyone at Sinthetics !


    p.s. Do you will post a video of your new 1H breast softness of the new silicone soon ?

      1. Michel

        Wow Bronwen !!!
        Unbelievable !
        I have made a post on ODC to show to everyone what success you have realized !
        I look forward to have mine soon !!!!
        Take care !

  3. Connor

    Dear Matt , I hope you will be better soon. This is Connor . I have been watching sinthetics quite while now. I love you in my own way. X


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