Technical Difficulties Solved

July 18, 2012


We are happy to say that we were able to get past the significant internet issues we were experiencing the past few weeks. We decided to wipe all our systems completely and start with new operating systems and security protocols. So far so good! We are now going through emails in the order in which they were received. Our goal is to be 100% up to date by end of day Thursday (July 19th).

During our internet outage we were still doing lots of production and shipping. New photos will be added this week and next week. All pictures of shipped dolls are added as the receiver lets us know they have seen the photos. Keep an eye on Sinthetics through August for big growth and development!

More good news: For those who didn’t know, sales on bodies 1B and 1H are open again. 2D is still going to waiting lists but we’re making good progress on getting that body type back to open orders in the near future. Please email with any questions.

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