SOLD: 2A Ready to ship

December 16, 2016

In preparation for the new year and a new company focus, we are selling our studio doll which was one of the first poured in our 2016 soft silicone. She is sold as is with the heads shown. She is ready to ship.

Details of the doll & heads:
This doll was used in the photo sets shown below, and she will be seen in an upcoming episode of a nationally syndicated TV series. She has really wonderful range of motion and her joints are holding very well. She’s been a pleasure to pose. The doll in these photos is the actual doll for sale.

  • Body 2A
  • Dolce skin tone
  • Tawny, Yuriko & Kimiko heads
  • New super soft silicone, great range of motion
  • Heavy extra-large freckles, plus 3D moles
  • New Honeypot (labia style choose from Petite, Standard, XL)
  • French manicure & pedicure
  • Full Brazilian (hairless) pubic area

Imperfections (blemishes are superficial only and do not impact range of motion or use):

  • Firmer than new gel breasts
  • Scar at the back of neck from joint replacement, as well as some small tears around hook
  • Small patched tear on back of left tricep
  • Small impressions across left breast (may come out over time)
  • Small indentations on each shin which are coming out over time
  • Small patched tears on bottom side of toes, right foot

Tawny head:

  • Golden Brown eyes
  • Heavy freckles and beauty marks
  • 3D Paint brows
  • Pierced ears & nose
  • Day Party eyeshadow
  • Feline Charcoal liner
  • Rum Runner sheer lips
  • Standard teeth
  • F19 chestnut/blonde highlights wig

Kimiko head:

  • Blue Green eyes
  • Heavy freckles and beauty marks
  • 3D Paint brows
  • Pierced ears
  • Drama Blue eyeshadow
  • Feline Sapphire liner
  • Toffee Frost Sheer lips
  • Bunny teeth
  • Special order wig shown – Burgundy black wig

Yuriko head:

  • Deep Brown eyes
  • Very light freckles
  • Paint brows
  • Pierced ears
  • Downtown eyeshadow
  • Asian Chocolate liner
  • Natural Glow lips
  • Bunny teeth
  • Special order wig shown – Short black-brown wig

Value as shown: $7,750
Sale price: $5,500 + freight. More than 25% deduction!!

Please order by using this link and this link and this link. Add all three to your cart before clicking “submit”. Prices will be manually adjusted after the order is submitted. Payment in full by bank wire transfer, money order, check, cash, or Western Union. Not eligible for existing orders. First come first served. Doll is sold As Is with details specified. Ready to ship immediately.




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