SOLD Studio 2D for sale

March 4, 2015

One of these moments many of you wait for has arrived! We have a Honey body 2D for sale. The base price is $5,000 plus any upgrades and freight. She is a 2013 model who has been featured in a fairly solid number of photo shoots for our website. She’s kind of a star! She also was a prototype for a full-thigh exchange. She had the PVC thighs but was modified last year to get the new metal “femurs” and soft thighs. She has some fairly extensive scarring which is visible in the pictures below. We’re selling her at a considerable discount because of the scars.

Existing details:
Body 2D
Honey skin tone
Tut’s nips
Removable Honey Pot (you pick labia style)
Bikini Brunette pubic hair
Belly ring
French manicure & pedicure

Things you can pick, add or change:
Head (wig, eyes, freckles etc)
Beauty marks (not freckles unfortunately)
Transsexual insert option
Armpit hair
Add fuller pubic hair
Shipping outfit

She has been really well maintained and her joints feel good. We’ll do a once-over before she ships out. You can select your head and some other options. We will make the head to match the body for you. This sale is available first-come first-served. Click here to select her and choose additional options. Pricing will be updated when the order is submitted. It will take us about 3 weeks to get this lady cleaned up, with her new head, and shipped out.

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