April 18, 2018

We have already had such a busy year so far, we just have too much to talk about!!

2D For Sale:

We have a brand new, flawless body 2D that is ready for finishing. It’s the Dolce color and can have any head(s) and finish details you would like. We can ship within 4 weeks. This is a first-come first- serve offer, new orders only. We’ll give a $500 discount to move this doll with a very short wait. We poured the doll for another client who changed his mind on the color at the last minute. Please place an order through the shopping cart and contact Bronwen to buy this doll.

ENDED: Let’s start with some fun stuff. We have found that the little scavenger hunt sales do really well and our clients seem to really love them, especially for our accessory products. Since the weather may be starting to get sunny, let’s do a Spring Discount Scavenger hunt.

You want to be the first person to find the following image on one of our pages. It will appear on 6 different pages of our website.


  • Find the image and send us a screen capture (or a verbal description of the image location) to Bronwen@sinthetics.com.
  • We will confirm if the image hasn’t been previously found, and give a discount code if you’re the first person to claim the image on that page.
  • Each image can only be claimed once. We will update this post as each Flower picture is found.
  • The discount values are 15% on orders under $500 and 10% on orders over $500. Shipping is not included in the discount.
  • Discounts are not valid on custom orders or options.
  • Discounts are valid through April 18, 2018 and June 1, 2018 and are for new orders placed after April 18, 2018 only.


  1. Repairs
  2. Reviews
  3. Tattoos
  4. Client Galleries
  5. Body Shots
  6. Akira M1

A personal note:
If you were expecting product in March or early April you may have noticed a slight slow-down. This was due to the very sad passing of our dear friend Genessis. We had posted about her fight against cancer on social media, but around New Year we were informed she had only a few months to live. This was especially devastating because she was only 27. In her last months Matt and Bronwen spent as much time with her as possible, including attending her living wake on Bronwen’s birthday. The living wake allowed us to grieve with her and share all the wonderful things that are usually held until the funeral. We all felt it was better to share those things with her while she was still alive to appreciate them. A week later, on March 18th, she passed away. While the staff in the studio kept working through this time, Matt and Bronwen needed a little bit of time to deal with the loss. Genessis was like a sister to us, having been very close for the past 8 years. While we are still hurting from this loss we have resumed normal work, shipping of dolls, and website updates to keep everyone informed. We appreciate everyone’s understanding.


2 thoughts on “SPRING DISCOUNT & 2D FOR SALE

  1. litlluvr

    Really sorry for your loss of a good friend .

    Also wanted Matt to know a lot of members at Our Doll Community wished you a Happy Birthday !

    Take care! litlluvr at ODC.

  2. Jb

    Hi Sinthetics. I apologize for your lost and hope that you become stronger. Your friend who is now in the heavens is probably proud of your successful business and cooperation. Happy Doll-making Everyone!! 🙂


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