Small Business Week Sale

May 3, 2017

We rarely have sales, but it's Small Business Week this week and it's a great time to thank our clients for their valued business, and also to take a look at what it means to be a small business in the USA. Did you know that 99.7% of all businesses in the USA are small businesses with paid employees (under 500 employees)(SBA)?  From Fundera: "Small businesses have consistently played a major role in economic growth because they create so many jobs—many more than large businesses. In the first three fiscal quarters of 2014, reports the SBA, small businesses added 1.4 million new jobs, 39% of which were from very small businesses (with fewer than 50 people)." That makes businesses like ours the life-blood of this nation. Small businesses hire more people than big business, and show more growth in hiring and spending which means there's more money from small businesses circling the country-wide cash flow. By supporting small businesses, you're an integral part of the American economy. You're acting as part of the system to increase the number of jobs and thereby increase spending, reducing debt, and contributing to a healthier economy. It's a pretty big deal! Here's a few more statistics just for fun: While approximately 2/3 of American small businesses survive the first 2 years, only 1/2 survive the first 5 years, and 1/3 survive to 10 years (Fundera Ledger).  Sinthetics just passed the 6 year mark in February which is pretty exciting! In looking forward to that 10 year mark, we're offering 10% off all new doll orders placed within the next month. We're also going to waive our minimum upgrades requirement for the course of this sale. Sinthetics is among only 10% of all businesses that are family-owned and the owners have equal partnership (  80% of small businesses now use Social Media for Marketing ( and we're definitely one of those! What would we do without Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook? If you're not already following us there maybe you should! We post photos and news on Social Media that sometimes never gets to our website. OK, enough of all that. Here's the terms of the sale you've been waiting for:
  • 10% Discount is on new doll sales only (cannot combine discounts)
  • Discount is on the total doll value including upgrades
  • Discount is not applicable to accessories (stands, personal shopper etc) or freight
  • No upgrades are required
  • The sale applies to orders placed May 1 - May 15 2017
  • To get the sale price, place your order through the original shopping cart. After your order is submitted, add the comment "Small Business Sale"
  • We're starting a guaranteed delivery time on these orders. We will deduct $ from the final price or give free product if we cannot meet the timeline agreed to in the confirmation email.
The doll shown above is a Body 2D, Celestine Head, Chai skin tone, Blue Grey eyes, No Freckles, Pierced Ears, Wig F2 Brunette with Highlights, Painted brows, NYC Club eyeshadow, Moderate Night eyeliner, Tangerine Spice sheer lips, Standard ears, French manicure and pedicure, Tut's nips, XL Labia Honeypot removable insert, Full Brunette pubic hair, Clubwear outfit. You can order a doll with these specifications by clicking HERE. Thank you for participating in keeping America great!

One thought on “Small Business Week Sale

  1. Michel

    Congratulations for your 6 years ! Wish that the years to come will be successful for you !

    Your Canadian friend and customer.


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