Range of Motion

November 7, 2014

Did you know that Sinthetics have some of the best range of motion in the doll world? Did you know that we have never had a single joint break in the history of the company? Pretty amazing right? Following are some pictures of a studio 2D that were taken by one of our clients, plus some of our video and our other studio photos. All our female dolls have this range of motion.

Some of the poses here are advanced, so don’t try them if you don’t understand how the joints work. If you have questions about posing, please email sales@sinthetics.com.

The biggest key in moving a silicone doll is that you cannot make compound motions. What does that mean? It means you can only move one part in one direction at a time. You should not, for instance, push your doll’s legs back AND spread a the same time. Or try to bend and rotate the knee at the same time. The first step in every leg motion should be bending the knee. Moving a doll should be planned, deliberate, and thought-out a head of time. This video will help with the basics

<strong>Basic how-to for moving and positioning the legs when a Sinthetic is lying down.</strong>

Most of the joints are basic lever joints. That means they move forward and backward in a restricted arc. Some are set in such a way that there is also a rotation possible, or a pair of joints stacked on one another to get multiple directional movement. The back joint is an example of this. The back joint is right about the height of the navel. You can push the hips forward, back or side to side. This is how we get our girls to arch their backs like this.

Be aware of leverage! Leverage is the action of a lever: a rigid bar that pivots about one point and that is used to move an object at a second point by a force applied at a third. What does that mean? It means if you are holding your doll’s leg at the ankle to move the hip joint, extra force is applied to the hip joint thanks to the physics of leverage! ALWAYS hold the area closest to the joint to move that joint in a controlled way. If you’re trying to move a knee, hold the leg right above and below the knee. If you’re trying to move a hip, hold the leg right below the hip joint. Move the joint in only 1 direction at a time (don’t try to bend and twist at the same time, for example.) Leverage is what causes doll-bones to break!

Sometimes it’s hard to envision the final pose you want, and how to get there. We often find photos in magazines or online to help with this. When we see the position we want, we work backwards through the motions to figure out how to get there moving one part in one direction at a time. Sometimes that means we try to do the motion first with our own bodies. I am sure we look ridiculous, but we get some great results without damaging ourselves or the dolls. Give it a try!

Want more information about the how, where and who of Sinthetics? Check out our studio page.

5 thoughts on “Range of Motion

  1. Pete

    Image 6 of 8 is of Alicia sitting in a yoga position, it is absolutely amazingly life-like. If I didn’t know better, I would’ve sworn she was a real person! To bad you can’t use the line ‘More human than human’

  2. Galber

    Wow man. Your dolls are amazing. I hope the day they can be animated is close.
    After all, the robotics industry is so advanced. Have you already been contacted
    by robotic engineers to talk about this research possibility ?

    I´m here cheering for you man.
    Keep this amazing job

  3. Vandher

    You do not have more options for male dolls? I only saw 3
    Do you have choice for the size of your chest and arm muscles?


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