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June 2, 2014

We hope everyone has had a great spring (or autumn in the southern hemisphere). We cant believe Summer is upon us already!

As always, summer is a time of significant activity and change for Sinthetics and this year is no different. Unfortunately with the rising costs for everything, but most specifically the transit costs for materials these days, we have to raise our prices starting on the Summer Solstice, June 21st. All confirmed orders in the system by that time will not experience the price increase. We have tried to spread our higher costs over the products in the most fair way possible so this is what you can expect.

  • Body 1B and 1H dolls base price will go from $5,500 to $5,750
  • Body 2A and 2D dolls base price will go from $5,500 to $5,900
  • Male dolls will not go up in price at this time

We are holding steady on the prices for all our ancillary products for the time being. Unfortunately we do have to increase our freight and postage costs. Our postage costs will reflect recent increases from USPS. Freight on the dolls will increase as follows:

  • Freight within the USA will increase from $500 to $550
  • Freight to Canada will increase from $650 to $700
  • Freight to Europe and parts of Asia will increase from $800 to $850

We have been busy in every way in the studio this spring, trying to get caught up on big production backlogs while also working on a whole cluster of custom projects. We’ll be releasing at least 2 new faces in June! For those traveling to California, or those who are local to Sinthetics, we are hosting our
annual Open House on July 19th
We’ll post more information about that later this month. You can email for more information.

Now try to go outside and enjoy some sun! Vitamin D is good for you!

Gabriel and Celeste 1B enjoying some time at the pool this summer

Gabriel and Celeste 1B enjoying some time at the pool this summer




5 thoughts on “Price Increase

  1. James

    Does the increase affect the dolls that already been ordered or is the increase on any new dolls ordered from June on .. Yes I will go out and enjoy the sun and get Vitamin D so hopefully the doll will be done in time for the cold winters here up north in Canada


    1. Sinthetics Post author

      You have to pay import taxes anywhere outside the USA. The cost depends on the country. You should contact a local customs office to get current rates for importing a sculpture/art or a mannequin.

  2. stephen

    Can you make a model based on a real live person? If so would they need to be there or could they just send you measurements and pictures?


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