Price Increase, Policy Changes

January 11, 2017

Happy New Year! We are starting 2017 by returning to our Boutique Art Studio roots and abandoning any “manufacture” mindset. Every piece we create is one of a kind, made by hand by skilled artists. This is not a factory and we are intentionally moving back a more individualized process. There will be wide estimates in the wait time for dolls ranging from 3 months to15 months depending on the body type, complexity of order, and our capacity with limited staff to make each item. Accessory items will have wait times of approximately 10 – 12 weeks. We will not rush orders and we will not try to work within unrealistic wait times. Previously we have not accepted orders for heads unless the client already owns a Sinthetic. We are going to reverse this policy and allow head purchases as stand-alone items, but only when purchased with a display bust. The wait time for heads will be approximately 3 months. Prices: Female base price $6,400 Male base price $6,750 Additional heads $750 Freight: $650 USA $800 Canada $950 Europe & Asia We experimented with Expedited orders in 2016 and decided that is not something we will continue. These options have been removed from our website. Sinthetics are very high end specialized items equivalent to custom works of art or special order cars. We are not an impulse-buy studio or mass producer, and therefore we want to focus on creating exceptional items in the necessary time it takes rather than rushing or cutting corners. High quality low volume is the goal for 2017. We now require all doll orders to meet minimum upgrade requirements. In addition to the base prices of dolls increasing, we require at least 3 upgrade selections or a minimum upgrade value of $650 on female dolls and $500 on male dolls. Orders for basic dolls will be declined so that we can focus on special, individualized orders to keep our standards high and production volume low. As production allows throughout the year we will offer Basic Dolls that will be sold as-is or with minimal available additions such as body hair, beauty marks, and additional wigs. Expect to see some of your favorites come up for immediate sale. We are also introducing Apprentice Series dolls. These dolls will also be sold as-is but pricing will vary depending on final finishes that we have selected. You can expect to see these start with a discounted base price. Apprentice Series dolls are dolls used to train our staff on new techniques, to retrain and keep skills fresh, and to test new options. Following is a quick breakdown of the 3 types of Sinthetics now available: Customized Dolls Base price: • Female - $6,400 • Male - $6,750 Min. upgrade requirements: • Female + $650 • Male + $500 Qualifying upgrades: • Body hair • Real hair eyebrows • Upgraded skin finishes including freckles • Tan Lines • Tattoos • Custom bodies/heads/nipples/teeth/genitalia • Transsexual options • Breast enlargements • Signature Series Not applicable to upgrade values: • Additional heads • Extra wigs/special order wigs • Upgraded eyes • 3D paint brows • Piercings • Personal Shopper Wait time: • 3 months – 12 months depending on All Customized Sinthetics will come with a certificate of authenticity. Basic Dolls Base price: • Female - $6,400 • Male - $6,750 Sold as is, when available. Available upgrades: • Body hair • Additional wigs • Beauty Marks Wait time: • Ready to ship within 7 business days without upgrades • Ready to ship in 21 business days with upgrades Apprentice Series: Base price: • Discounted on case-by-case basis Sold as is, when available. Available upgrades: • Body hair • Additional wigs • Beauty Marks Wait time: • Ready to ship within 7 business days without upgrades • Ready to ship in 21 business days with upgrades These new policies will be instituted beginning January 15th, 2017 without exception. To get the old 2016 pricing orders need to be received AND deposited by end of day January 15th 2017. All existing orders that have already been deposited will be created with the original pricing and finish details.

3 thoughts on “Price Increase, Policy Changes

  1. Michel

    I am happy that you go in this direction, because you are an exceptional company, creator of sublime artworks.
    Continue your work and I wish you a beautiful year 2017 !

  2. Connie Human

    Do you have email alerts to let people know when you have apprentice series ( male) available at discounted or as is pricing? I recently discovered that there is actually a market for male dolls and very interested. I have to say by the looks of your work your team does an outstanding job.
    Thank you in advance for your time and help with the matter.


    1. Sinthetics Post author

      We currently do not send out unsolicited emails or sales reminders. We very rarely have a doll available for a discount. The best way to catch sales or discounts is to periodically check the website. Sales are always shown in the first panel on the home page.


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