Frankenjankle, Halloween sale and more

October 12, 2018

Hi everyone!

This has been one hell of a year, no two ways about that. We have had a bit of fun though with some special orders of fantasy product. Did you know we can do all these crazy things?

The top of the list is the brand new “Frankenjankle” by Matt Krivicke. It’s the perfect combination of his love of Halloween (his prior career) and the dolls. He is making only 3 of these individually handmade ghoulish and therefore each slightly different Bride of Frankenstein style Vajankles. Each is $350 and come with a fancy Halloween-y custom sandal. Please email to order.

Frankenstein Vajankle OOAK by Sinthetics Halloween frankenjankle

Towards the beginning of the year we did a custom orc cock for a client! This was a super fun project creating what he and we envisioned an orc penis to look like. Here’s the monster green dong, affectionately known as the Orcgasm (TM pending).

Orc cock fantasy giant green dong silicone penis Sinthetics

We also recently completed these awesome Wicked Witch feet. They’re the style 2 tall feet but done bright green with metallic blue toenails and of course, red shiny sandals.

Now the part you’ve been waiting for!
We’re doing one of our rare sales which applies to dolls and accessories. The terms of the sale are:

  • 15% off all orders under $500 – discount code Halloweenie
  • 10% off all orders over $500 – discount code Scaretober
  • Payment must be received by November 1st (payment in full on accessories, deposit on dolls)
  • Discounts on new orders received after 10/12/18 only
  • Discounts do not apply to shipping or freight costs
  • No discounts on fully custom products (meaning new molds) or Frankenjankles

Accessories ordered by November 1 will have guaranteed Christmas delivery in the USA! International accessory orders for Christmas end October 20th.

Happy Halloween everyone!


July 10, 2018

It’s July already! We’re super busy and this week is especially focused as we prepare for our annual Open House and Doll Meet. This is a great opportunity for people to meet other doll owners, meet the staff at Sinthetics, and see the dolls. This year we’ll be doing some repair demos and answering questions about use, maintenance, and care. Last year attendees got to paint clay onto a new sculpture so they were part of the early development process in a very special way. This year we’ll have some other special things to show off.

There is no cost to attend the meet, but every attendee must RSVP by email to and get pre-approval to join us since we limit attendance to 20 people. We will provide light snacks and beverages. The schedule and directions will be sent by email to registered guests.

Aside from seeing the dolls and other product we are working on, you can also see some art made by Matt and Bronwen. Some of the art shown is available for cash purchase.

More new photos!

May 31, 2018

We’ve been busy bees over here at Sinthetics. Bronwen has come back from her health-related leave of absence and has resumed all customer service. We hope you’ll be happy with the speed and quality of responses.

We’re also keeping up with the new photos on our site, including a whole new set of the luscious Monique 2A.

And our feline little sexpot Eliza 2A. Take a few minutes to check those out. There may be a bunch of new photos on our site since you last checked.

We also had a great shipping week last week so we have more guys and girls on the Delivered Dolls pages. They were a great-looking bunch!

New product, pages, & photos

May 2, 2018

We dropped a hint a few months ago that we’d created some new product earlier in the year. You may have seen our dolls used in a booth at the CES trade show to advertise the Netflix series “Altered Carbon”. Our dolls are not in the show, but we developed new products and finishes for the CES dolls. Here you can see the dolls at the trade show:

This is an interesting article about the booth and the marketing campaign (which we thought was pretty clever)!

The new details which are now available to purchase with Sinthetics dolls are a permanent, seamless head connection and a new closed eyes Celeste and Akira heads. The heads can be purchased for any dolls; they do not need to be permanently attached. Likewise, the new seamless permanent head connection can be selected as an upgrade on any new doll order.

Did you see the fantastic stretch marks on a body 2D? Shown above the doll also has the multi-tonal finish, veining on the breasts, tan lines, custom puffy perky nipples, and beauty marks. You can see them and other custom options HERE. There are more pictures of the 2D with stretch marks on the Delivered Belinda 2D page (which is also new!).

We have added a new page to the website introducing our staff. Many people don’t realize that Sinthetics is a very personal operation. When you order a product from us you’re ordering a one-of-a-kind item which is handmade to order. We do not keep stock and every item is individually made with care by real people. We have no production line, no robots, no machines. This is not a factory but rather an artists’ studio where you’re receiving individual attention to your item. We have long production times because we work in traditional, low-tech techniques to bring you something truly special.


We were so busy with all the other stuff we forgot to post the delivered dolls! We’ve fixed that now so take a minute to check out the beauties and the sexy dudes we’ve been sending home lately.

We just added another new page of information to help doll owners. It’s the Repairs page and packaged as part of the Care Guide. We hope you find it useful. Many of the instructions provided are relevant regardless of the brand of your silicone doll.

Delivered Alicia 2D Page 3

April 18, 2018

This gallery shows the 2nd set of the body 2D Alicia dolls that have been shipped. To see full size images, click on the thumbnail image, then use your LEFT & RIGHT ARROW keys to move through the gallery of your choice. Details on selected options for each doll are posted underneath the thumbnail gallery.

Click below to see other galleries of Alicia:
[Studio 2D Alicia] [Delivered 2D Alicia Page 1] [Delivered 2D Alicia Page 2]
[Alicia with other bodies]


Body 2D, Alicia head, Chai skin tone with light freckles, F19 Brunette highlights wig, Real hair sexy brunette brows, Blue Green eyes, Midnight eyeshadow, Asian Style Sapphire eyeliner, Natural Glow lips, Double-pierced ears, Belly ring, White floral French 3D art fingernails, French pedicure, Built-in Standard entries, Full Brazilian (Hairless) pubic area, Daywear shipping outfit.
Delivered in USA


Body 2D, Alicia head with bunny teeth, Honey Skin tone with light freckles, F2 Honey Blonde Highlights wig, Paint brows, Deep Blue eyes, Midnight eyeshadow, Gothic Night eyeliner, Roses Sheer lips, French manicure and pedicure, Full Brazilian pubic area (Hairless), Standard Honey Pot Insert, Clubwear shipping outfit.
Delivered in USA


Body 2D, Alicia Head, Cream skin tone, F8 Blonde with highlights wig, Blue Grey eyes, Paint eyebrows, Super Natural eyeshadow, Asian Chocolate liner, Nude lips, French manicure & pedicure, Bikini Brunette pubic hair, Built-In Standard entries, Night Club shipping outfit.
Delivered to China


Body 2D, Alicia Head, Cream skin tone, F8 Brunette with highlights wig, Deep Brown eyes, Paint eyebrows, Autumn Bronze eyeshadow, Feline Night liner, Roses Sheer lips, French manicure & pedicure, Bikini Brunette pubic hair, Built-In Standard entries, Night Club shipping outfit.
Delivered to China


Body 2D, Alicia Head with Bunny teeth, Cream Skin tone, F19 Brunette wig, Upgraded Deep Blue eyes, Real hair Sexy Light Brown eyebrows, Super Natural eyeshadow, Asian Style Night liner, Currant Lipstick, French manicure & pedicure, SPM Nipples, Pierced nipples, Extra Full Blonde pubic hair, Built-In Standard entries, Loungewear shipping outfit.
Delivered to Taiwan


Alicia head with bunny teeth, Peaches skin tone with beauty marks, U1 Black wig, 3D Paint Brows, Upgraded Blue Grey eyes, Drama Blue eyeshadow, Moderate Night Liner, Roses Sheer lips.
Delivered in USA


Body 2D, Alicia head with bunny teeth, Honey skin tone with beauty marks, Standard finishes, F7 Ginger red wig, 3D Paint brows, Black Brown eyes, Drama Blue eyeshadow, Moderate Night liner, Cherry Lipstick, Pierced ears, Cherry red manicure & pedicure,
Full Brazilian (Hairless) pubic area, Built-In Standard entries, Night Club shipping outfit.
Delivered in USA


Body 2D, Alicia, Cream Skin Tone, Standard finishes, F8 Ginger Red with highlights wig, Blue Green eyes, Real hair Sweet Brunette eyebrows, Morning Mist eyeshadow, Asian Style Night liner, Roses Lipstick, Standard Teeth, French manicure & pedicure, Modern Brazilian Brunette pubic area, Built-In Standard labia, Night Club shipping outfit.
Delivered to China



We have already had such a busy year so far, we just have too much to talk about!!

2D For Sale:

We have a brand new, flawless body 2D that is ready for finishing. It’s the Dolce color and can have any head(s) and finish details you would like. We can ship within 4 weeks. This is a first-come first- serve offer, new orders only. We’ll give a $500 discount to move this doll with a very short wait. We poured the doll for another client who changed his mind on the color at the last minute. Please place an order through the shopping cart and contact Bronwen to buy this doll.

ENDED: Let’s start with some fun stuff. We have found that the little scavenger hunt sales do really well and our clients seem to really love them, especially for our accessory products. Since the weather may be starting to get sunny, let’s do a Spring Discount Scavenger hunt.

You want to be the first person to find the following image on one of our pages. It will appear on 6 different pages of our website.


  • Find the image and send us a screen capture (or a verbal description of the image location) to
  • We will confirm if the image hasn’t been previously found, and give a discount code if you’re the first person to claim the image on that page.
  • Each image can only be claimed once. We will update this post as each Flower picture is found.
  • The discount values are 15% on orders under $500 and 10% on orders over $500. Shipping is not included in the discount.
  • Discounts are not valid on custom orders or options.
  • Discounts are valid through April 18, 2018 and June 1, 2018 and are for new orders placed after April 18, 2018 only.


  1. Repairs
  2. Reviews
  3. Tattoos
  4. Client Galleries
  5. Body Shots
  6. Akira M1

A personal note:
If you were expecting product in March or early April you may have noticed a slight slow-down. This was due to the very sad passing of our dear friend Genessis. We had posted about her fight against cancer on social media, but around New Year we were informed she had only a few months to live. This was especially devastating because she was only 27. In her last months Matt and Bronwen spent as much time with her as possible, including attending her living wake on Bronwen’s birthday. The living wake allowed us to grieve with her and share all the wonderful things that are usually held until the funeral. We all felt it was better to share those things with her while she was still alive to appreciate them. A week later, on March 18th, she passed away. While the staff in the studio kept working through this time, Matt and Bronwen needed a little bit of time to deal with the loss. Genessis was like a sister to us, having been very close for the past 8 years. While we are still hurting from this loss we have resumed normal work, shipping of dolls, and website updates to keep everyone informed. We appreciate everyone’s understanding.


Delivered Belinda 2D

This gallery shows all of the body 2D Belinda dolls that have been shipped. To see full size images, click on the thumbnail image, then use your LEFT & RIGHT ARROW keys to move through the gallery of your choice. Details on selected options for each doll are posted underneath the thumbnail gallery.


Signature Series doll, Body 2D, Belinda head, Honey multi-tonal skin finish with stretch marks, beauty marks, extra veining, F8 Brunette wig, Paint eyebrows, Upgraded Deep Green eyes, Autumn Bronze eyeshadow, Custom eyeliner, Custom lip color, Custom large teeth, Pierced ears and belly, French manicure and pedicure, Bikini tan lines, Perky Puffy nipples, Honey Pot insert with XL Labia, Full Brunette pubic hair, Client-provided clothing.
Delivered in USA


Comparisons between standard 2D with basic finishes and heavily upgraded and customized 2D finishes.


Valentine Anniversary

February 15, 2018

Happy Valentine’s Day to all our readers, and happy Anniversary to us! February 14 marks the 7th year our website has been live and we’ve been making Sinthetics. You probably know the story of our launch with the Josie Stevens Doll on the TV Series “Married to Rock”. If you dont, you can read about it HERE.

To celebrate this auspicious occasion we have released a really sexy set of photos of Tawny on the 2D body. Check out this tanned, naughty babe!

We also added a new set of photos of Celestine 2D, because she’s a rare hot mama.

You didn’t miss this set of our sexy Mocha skinned Gabriel from last week did you?

We hope you enjoy these sets! Keep checking back, we’re adding new photos all the time.

New photo set – Tawny 1B

January 24, 2018

Holy cow, where is this month going?! We’ve had so much happening in January and we still have some exciting news but I will wait to post about it next week. In the meantime, here’s our 2nd new set of photos this month.

Check out this sexy Tawny 1B set. This is the preview, the full set is on the Tawny 1B page.

Come back next week to see our news.

New photos: Willow

January 8, 2018

Getting started with our New Year’s Resolution in place, we have uploaded a beautiful new set of photos of our fantasy doll, Willow. She’s a rare little creature, we hope you enjoy the pictures!

You can see the full set HERE.
Here’s a preview:

And remember, our scavenger hunt for the discounts from New Year is still underway. You can read the details about that HERE.