Delivered 2A Celeste Sinthetics

October 9, 2016

This gallery shows all of the body 2A Celeste dolls that have been shipped. Details about each of these dolls is below the gallery. Most recent shipments appear first.


Body 2A (imperfect), Celeste Head with bunny teeth, Dolce skin tone, Hazel Green eyes, F11 Brunette wig, Paint brows, Day Party eyeshadow, Moderate Chocolate liner, Natural Glow lips, Standard teeth, Pierced ears, French manicure, Candy Pink pedicure, Custom azalea tattoos, Auburn Modern Brazilian pubic hair, built-in entries, Daywear shipping outfit.


Body 2A, Celeste head with bunny teeth, Honey skin tone, Deep Blue eyes, F19 strawberry wig, Real hair sexy auburn brows, Fresh eyeshadow, Feline Charcoal liner, Nude lips, Belly ring, earrings, French manicure & pedicure, Honeypot insert, Loungewear shipping outfit.
Delivered in USA


Delivered Alicia 2A Sinthetics

This gallery shows all of the body 2A Alicia dolls that have been shipped. To see full size images, click on the thumbnail image, then use your LEFT & RIGHT ARROW keys to move through the gallery of your choice. Details on selected options for each doll are posted underneath the thumbnail gallery.


Body 2A (imperfect), Alicia Head with light freckles, Dolce skin tone, Blue Grey eyes, F2 Strawberry highlights wig, Paint brows, Day Party eyeshadow, Moderate Chocolate liner, Natural Glow lips, Standard teeth, Pierced ears, French manicure, Candy Pink pedicure, Custom azalea tattoos, Auburn Modern Brazilian pubic hair, built-in entries, Daywear shipping outfit.
Delivered to UK


Body 2A, Alicia head with bunny teeth, Honey skin tone, Deep Green eyes, Special order auburn wig, Real hair sexy brunette brows, Super Natural eyeshadow, Feline Charcoal liner, Nude lips, Belly ring, earrings, French manicure & pedicure, Honeypot insert, Exotic dancer shipping outfit.
Shown with Akira M1 male doll
Delivered in USA



Lower $ Vajankle

October 7, 2016

Everyone loves the crazy Vajankle which went viral a couple of years ago! It’s our most quirky product, with possible exception of the Succupuss. What’s the Succupuss? Ok, we’ll get back to that. Right now we’re introducing the Basic Vajankle for $99 compared to the original Vajankle which is $179. The Basic Vajankle is available in the Honey skin tone with painted red toenails (not hard nails), and it doesn’t have the full soft vagina liner just a basic silicone entry. Available to ship in about 7 – 10 business days because we have them premade. [Buy Now]

Take a look:

The original Vajankle is made to order in any skintone of your choosing, plus the hard toenails in any color of your choice, and it has the full soft vagina insert sleeve.

Since we brought it up, here’s our other quirky product: The Succupuss. The Succupuss came to be the same way the Vajankle did – a client special ordered it, and Matt thought it sounded like a fun weird project so he was happy to make it. If the name isn’t obvious, a Succupuss is a mouth (complete with silicone teeth and tongue!) in place of the vagina. Kind of like getting a blowjob during sex? It’s a spinoff of the Vagina Dentata Myth. Here’s what it looks like:

Two new photo sets!!

August 28, 2016

We’re going strong with the new photo sets, and this week we felt like adding 2 new galleries for you. Both of these are really unique, sexy dolls unlike anything you’ll see from another maker. Take a look at the sexy surfer-boy take on Akira M1 and the hot MILF Celestine 1B.



New Photo Set!

August 20, 2016

If you didn’t catch the gorgeous 2A photos from last week, make sure to check those out. You can really see how our new silicone moves!

We’ve also just put our long-awaited set of Yuriko 2D online. She is a super hot little lady with a saucy attitude!

We hope you enjoy!

Shopping cart URL Update

August 12, 2016

We’ve finally found a developer who could get our original shopping cart functioning properly again! Thanks for sticking with us while the pictures were missing and a mess! All of the existing memberships and orders transferred to this server:

Your login information remains the same! Please make a note of this change as the old backup is going to be removed this weekend.

Since we’re enjoying the return of pictures to our shopping cart, let’s celebrate with some sexy new photos of our body 2A (made with the new soft silicone)!

Kimiko 2A

New photo set!

August 4, 2016

As promised, we’re adding new photo sets as they are completed again. There were sneak peeks from this one a long time ago, but we have finally got this full Alicia 1B set edited thanks to Kelly! In case you’re wondering, we do not remove stands, supports, or imperfections from our photos! If you see a Sinthetic supporting herself in the picture, she was doing that in real life. Our photos are also taken using standard studio dolls, so you can expect your Sinthetic to have the same range of motion, and to arrive looking like our pictures. What you see on our website is what you get.

You can see the full set here: Alicia 1B



July 29, 2016

As many of you know, we were devastated to usher Matt’s father out of this world on July 7th, 2016. It was especially poignant because that date is also the anniversary of Bronwen’s mother’s passing. For those unfamiliar with the structure at Sinthetics, we are a small family-run studio in which Matt is the artist and production lead, and Bronwen runs the administrative side of the business. We were married earlier this year but have been together as life and business partners for over 10 years.

As any of you who is close to your parents can imagine, we suffered the losses together. We’re also sharing the hurt with Matt’s mom who lost her life partner after 56 years of marriage. After Matt’s dad’s funeral, we came back to California the same day and returned to work. Matt did not grieve at the time because he was focused on the work load, but he has struggled somewhat in the weeks we have been back. We’re back at work and producing and shipping again, but we hope that everyone can understand that we are still dealing with a family loss, and sometimes the grief (especially for those of us who live far from family) may take a bit of time to catch up.

Because often loss causes us to also consider the future, we are trying to use this time as an opportunity to get our feet properly under us again. We have hired another shop person who has excellent potential and has started exceptionally well. We have several dolls heading home today and tomorrow. Those will be put on the website late next week after the clients have seen the pictures/received the dolls. We’re all still marveling at how soft the new silicone is. It’s also amazingly resilient. Matt and Bronwen will be doing new photos of a 2A doll made from that material this weekend so we can really see how it handles. So far we are impressed. And that also means some new photos for the first time in over 18 months! Onward and Upward!

Here’s Yuriko on the sexy 2D body looking forward to the future!

Dad and Mom, you’re in our thoughts and hearts as we continue forward in a way you would want us to! We’re taking to heart the lessons about hard work and integrity so that we can be and create the best possible!!

Bereavement closure

July 1, 2016

We’re very sad to say that Matt’s father is in the ICU and non-responsive due to complications from Parkinson’s Disease. We have been asked to get back to Ohio as fast as possible. Unfortunately, we are expecting this to be a goodbye trip for Matt with his father. As you can imagine this is a time of great sadness, and while the loss is somewhat expected it’s always a shock at the end. Having not been back there in 2 years, this is the worst reason to be going… We are going to be away the least amount of time possible, but please be understanding and patient while we deal with our family grief.

SOLD – Discount 2D for sale

June 2, 2016

We have a Dolce-ish body 2D available for immediate sale. Only $5,200 plus upgrades and freight. That’s almost $1,000 discount, plus very short wait time. This doll is perfect and almost complete. She is the older silicone (softness V.2, not the current super soft) and she is mostly painted but not sealed. We discovered belatedly that the tints were off so she is a slightly darker, more golden Dolce than standard. Because she is unsealed, the new buyer could still opt for freckles, beauty marks, tattoos, and/or the XL or puffy nipples. We will make the head to match this skin tone with details to your specifications.

This body has the following features:
* Honeypot insert
* No heat

You can select the other finish details including the head. Turn-around time will be approximately 4 weeks. Payment in full is due at the time of ordering and this is a first-come first-served sale.
Please order through the old shopping cart here:
The price will be manually adjusted when the order is accepted. We are asking $5200 plus any additional upgrades and freight.