New photos: Willow

January 8, 2018

Getting started with our New Year’s Resolution in place, we have uploaded a beautiful new set of photos of our fantasy doll, Willow. She’s a rare little creature, we hope you enjoy the pictures!

You can see the full set HERE.
Here’s a preview:

And remember, our scavenger hunt for the discounts from New Year is still underway. You can read the details about that HERE.

Discount, Pics, & CES! Oh, my!

December 31, 2017

We have tons of year end news to share, as well as some photos and another discount scavenger hunt.

Since we’re ushering out the old year, let’s talk about that first.
Early in 2017 we had some serious material flaws with the new silicone so we switched again to a soft material with much better durability. The breasts now are SUPER soft and jiggly. The breasts shown in the video below are on the body 1H which used to be our firmest breasts.

Midyear we switched to all metal spines and thighs for better durability of the skeletons. We remain the only doll maker in the world who provides a warranty on the skeleton. We also implemented a new bonding mechanism in the thighs to prevent an issue of separation that happened in some dolls, especially after exposure to extreme pressure changes or falls.

In July we started a huge employee change over, except Robert who has been with us doing the skeletons and other technical duties for the past 3+ years. Robert is also now leading the doll pours. At the beginning of the fall, we brought in 2 full time lab techs to do the pouring of all the accessory items and to help support overall production. Sasha also joined the team to do customer service and accessories shipping part time. Aside from these people we also added our painter, Skyler, and our in-house hair artist Kelsey. This fantastic team has made such a huge difference to the business and they have contributed to taking our production time for most accessory items from about 3 months to 4 – 6 weeks. We’re now all directing this same attention and now-proven strategy to doll deliveries and expect to see great things in 2018.

Continuing our plans for growth and progress, we have tons of new photos to post which we’ll try to do more frequently in 2018. To start us off the right way we just added a big photo set of Akira looking sexy in pink. Check those out HERE. There are also new photos in several other pages including Client Galleries if you haven’t checked those out lately.

Here’s a little peek of Akira’s new set:

The Newest Product Addition: We also have a brand new product we just got to production and have already started delivering. For our foot fans, we have these awesome size 11 women’s feet now available with standard production times. These are the style B feet which can be ordered easily through our newer shopping cart.

Style B Size 11 womens sexy large erotic silicone foot fetish feet

CES: As many of you know, we go to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas most years to see what the latest technology and robotics has to offer and sometimes we meet with clients out there. This year we’re offering private appointments to potential doll buyers where you can view the dolls and actually touch them and speak to the artist. We find that these personal meetings are much more informative and comfortable for interested parties; especially as we can show how they move and you can feel the silicone. If you would like to schedule a meeting between January 10th and 14th in Las Vegas, please email Available times are limited. We’ll be showing only female dolls this time – a body 1H and a 2D plus a new head we’ll be releasing in January.

Discount Scavenger Hunt:
Since our sale from Thanksgiving went over so well, and it was the first time buyers of our smaller product were able to purchase with a discount, we have decided to do another one.

Here’s the information:
In 10 different spots on our website we have hidden this image.

New Year animated

  • Find the image and send us a screen capture (or a verbal description of the image location) to
  • We will confirm if the image hasn’t been previously found, and give a discount code if you’re the first person to claim the image on that page.
  • Each image can only be claimed once. We will update this post as each New Year hat is found.
  • The discount values are 15% on orders under $500 and 10% on orders over $500. Shipping is not included in the discount.
  • Discounts are not valid on custom orders or options.
  • Discounts are valid through March 31, 2018 and are for new orders placed after December 31, 2018 only.

Discovered discounts:


We hope that everyone who had a great year in 2017 continues that trend in the new year, and that those who had it rough in 2017 have great health and happiness in 2018. Best wishes to everyone from all of us here at Sinthetics!

Black Friday Special

November 24, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Do you also feel like this year went too fast? How is it already the holiday season?! Well, since it’s here, ready or not, we thought we would offer a little treasure hunt discount offer. Unlike our typical discounts, this one is available to use on ANY of our products!

Here’s the information:
In 5 different spots on our website we have hidden this image.

Black Friday 2017

Find the image and send us a screen capture (or a verbal description of the image location) to
We will confirm if the image hasn’t been previously found, and give a discount code if you’re the first person to claim the image on that page.
Each image can only be claimed once. We will update this post as each Fa-la-la-la-llama-and-turkey is found.
The discount values are 15% on orders under $500 and 10% on orders over $500. Shipping is not included in the discount.
Discounts are not valid for custom orders.
Discounts are valid through January 31, 2018 and are for new orders placed after November 24th, 2017 only.

Happy hunting!

1: On the FAQ – discovered
2: About us – discovered
3: Delivered dolls – discovered
4: Sexy Feet – discovered
5: Prices – discovered

Order now for Christmas Delivery

October 10, 2017

We know it seems early to see Christmas and holiday items already filling shelves at our local stores with Halloween not even passed yet… but it’s a good reminder to get your orders placed if you’re hoping to have Sinthetics accessory items for holiday gift giving. Our products have a 10 – 12 week production time, plus time for mailing. Because we have a small staff who make each item by hand to order (like Santa’s busy elves) we cannot  expedite orders to meet extra holiday demand. We appreciate you planning ahead so we have plenty of time to make you great stuff.

2017 Holiday reminder


Happy holidays!

Delivered Dolls!

July 18, 2017

You may have noticed that we had not posted any delivered dolls recently. That isn’t because we weren’t delivering it was because Bronwen hasn’t been well and wasn’t able to do the updates. But, we are back on track again and up to date thanks in part to some extra encouragement from Mahtek! There are LOTS of awesome dolls added now. We hope you enjoy checking them out either in the new Flash Gallery on the Delivered Dolls page, or using the direct links to see specific head and body combinations.

We’ve just added

Here are some previews:

Under each photo set within the galleries we include all of the details about the doll shown so that you can see the various option and how they work together. Keeping a collection of pictures of your favorite dolls often will help to narrow down the final finish options you would like on your own doll.

Did you know the Delivered Dolls photos are just snapshots from our studio? We don’t pose the dolls or do anything special with them. The photos in our Delivered Dolls galleries are taken with a regular dSLR camera or our phones right before we box the dolls for freight. The photos are taken for insurance purposes so we know how the doll looked when she/he left our studio. We show them on our website so you can see how the dolls actually look with typical finishes and settings. What you see is what you can expect to receive.

Check back next week for more dolls. There are quite a few going home this month.

How to choose colors

July 10, 2017

Did you know that we offer free silicone samples (you pay postage) to help you make an informed choice on skin tone? We do this because it’s almost impossible to realistically tell color on a computer screen or print-out. Here are some examples and explanations.

SkinTones comparison1

In this image you see four of our 6″ flat back penises photographed on a white background in mixed incandescent and daylight. We have labeled the colors so you can see how the base silicone looks and how the color is enhanced for realism in finishing. You can also likely see that it would be very difficult to tell some of these colors apart without the labels and other items in the frame for comparison.

SkinTones comparison2

In this second image, the same items are shown, but the lighting is slightly brighter. Despite the proximity of other pieces, the colors shown are being impacted by the shadow of the photographer as well as the ambient light color and the reflective quality of the table.

SkinTones comparison3

In this third image, the items are the same ones as shown above, from the same photograph, but the background has been completely removed so that it appears white and without shadows/reflection. In this image, all the skin tones look subtly different again.

Because there are so many factors at work that impact how we perceive the colors, we always recommend picking up some silicone samples to look at in your own home. The light quality in your home will change from day to night, but it will have special characteristics based on where you live in the world, season, weather etc. For all these reasons, having the color in your hand makes much more sense for making an informed decision than guessing based on a photograph on your phone or computer. Our goal is always to make you exactly what you want, so helping you make an informed choice is in all of our best interests.

New skin tones

When you order your silicone samples, please make a note on the order letting us know which colors or ethnicity you’d like to see, and what product you’re ultimately interested in purchasing. We have a wide selection of standard colors to choose from.








Yuriko makes a TV debut

May 8, 2017

Several months ago Sinthetics was thrilled to have a doll featured in a mainstream TV show. This is kind of a spoiler alert if you watch the show but a fun reason to start watching if you’ve never watched before. The show originally aired last week. Our Yuriko 2A played the character Natalie Huang on “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders” in Season 2 Episode 10 Type A. Click on the Episode name to watch the whole episode free.

It was so fascinating to be on the set, and our staff really appreciated the opportunity to see some of the behind-the-scenes functionality of sound stages as well as shooting on location with so many people involved in each episode! It’s especially interesting to know how long it took to stage and shoot for clips that are ultimately only a few seconds long in the final edit. We were really blown away by the quality of the artisanship on the beautiful sets with their crazy features like a removable ceiling for aerial shots. The amount of detail put into every scene is really astonishing. It was very inspiring. We were able to take some personal photos during the wait times so we have included those here for your enjoyment.

Yuriko as she was debuted in the show has the following details:
Body 2A, Yuriko head, Dolce skin tone, Heavy freckles and 3D beauty marks, Wig F5 Black, Deep Brown standard eyes, Paint brows, Downtown eyeshadow, Asian Chocolate liner, Natural Glow lips, Bunny teeth, Earrings, French manicure & pedicure, Standard nipples, Full Brazilian (hairless) pubic area, Removable Honeypot Insert Petite labia, Daywear shipping outfit.

If you would like to order her just as shown, please click this link. The original Yuriko 2A has happily moved abroad where she lives in Europe with her sister-identities and her new special friend.

Small Business Week Sale

May 3, 2017

We rarely have sales, but it’s Small Business Week this week and it’s a great time to thank our clients for their valued business, and also to take a look at what it means to be a small business in the USA.

Did you know that 99.7% of all businesses in the USA are small businesses with paid employees (under 500 employees)(SBA)?  From Fundera: “Small businesses have consistently played a major role in economic growth because they create so many jobs—many more than large businesses. In the first three fiscal quarters of 2014, reports the SBA, small businesses added 1.4 million new jobs, 39% of which were from very small businesses (with fewer than 50 people).”

That makes businesses like ours the life-blood of this nation. Small businesses hire more people than big business, and show more growth in hiring and spending which means there’s more money from small businesses circling the country-wide cash flow. By supporting small businesses, you’re an integral part of the American economy. You’re acting as part of the system to increase the number of jobs and thereby increase spending, reducing debt, and contributing to a healthier economy. It’s a pretty big deal!

Here’s a few more statistics just for fun:
While approximately 2/3 of American small businesses survive the first 2 years, only 1/2 survive the first 5 years, and 1/3 survive to 10 years (Fundera Ledger).  Sinthetics just passed the 6 year mark in February which is pretty exciting! In looking forward to that 10 year mark, we’re offering 10% off all new doll orders placed within the next month. We’re also going to waive our minimum upgrades requirement for the course of this sale.

Sinthetics is among only 10% of all businesses that are family-owned and the owners have equal partnership (  80% of small businesses now use Social Media for Marketing ( and we’re definitely one of those! What would we do without Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook? If you’re not already following us there maybe you should! We post photos and news on Social Media that sometimes never gets to our website.

OK, enough of all that. Here’s the terms of the sale you’ve been waiting for:

  • 10% Discount is on new doll sales only (cannot combine discounts)
  • Discount is on the total doll value including upgrades
  • Discount is not applicable to accessories (stands, personal shopper etc) or freight
  • No upgrades are required
  • The sale applies to orders placed May 1 – May 15 2017
  • To get the sale price, place your order through the original shopping cart. After your order is submitted, add the comment “Small Business Sale”
  • We’re starting a guaranteed delivery time on these orders. We will deduct $ from the final price or give free product if we cannot meet the timeline agreed to in the confirmation email.

The doll shown above is a Body 2D, Celestine Head, Chai skin tone, Blue Grey eyes, No Freckles, Pierced Ears, Wig F2 Brunette with Highlights, Painted brows, NYC Club eyeshadow, Moderate Night eyeliner, Tangerine Spice sheer lips, Standard ears, French manicure and pedicure, Tut’s nips, XL Labia Honeypot removable insert, Full Brunette pubic hair, Clubwear outfit.
You can order a doll with these specifications by clicking HERE.

Thank you for participating in keeping America great!

Price Increase, Policy Changes

January 11, 2017

Happy New Year!

We are starting 2017 by returning to our Boutique Art Studio roots and abandoning any “manufacture” mindset. Every piece we create is one of a kind, made by hand by skilled artists. This is not a factory and we are intentionally moving back a more individualized process. There will be wide estimates in the wait time for dolls ranging from 3 months to15 months depending on the body type, complexity of order, and our capacity with limited staff to make each item. Accessory items will have wait times of approximately 10 – 12 weeks. We will not rush orders and we will not try to work within unrealistic wait times.

Previously we have not accepted orders for heads unless the client already owns a Sinthetic. We are going to reverse this policy and allow head purchases as stand-alone items, but only when purchased with a display bust. The wait time for heads will be approximately 3 months.

Female base price $6,400
Male base price $6,750
Additional heads $750
Freight: $650 USA $800 Canada $950 Europe & Asia

We experimented with Expedited orders in 2016 and decided that is not something we will continue. These options have been removed from our website. Sinthetics are very high end specialized items equivalent to custom works of art or special order cars. We are not an impulse-buy studio or mass producer, and therefore we want to focus on creating exceptional items in the necessary time it takes rather than rushing or cutting corners. High quality low volume is the goal for 2017.

We now require all doll orders to meet minimum upgrade requirements. In addition to the base prices of dolls increasing, we require at least 3 upgrade selections or a minimum upgrade value of $650 on female dolls and $500 on male dolls. Orders for basic dolls will be declined so that we can focus on special, individualized orders to keep our standards high and production volume low.

As production allows throughout the year we will offer Basic Dolls that will be sold as-is or with minimal available additions such as body hair, beauty marks, and additional wigs. Expect to see some of your favorites come up for immediate sale.

We are also introducing Apprentice Series dolls. These dolls will also be sold as-is but pricing will vary depending on final finishes that we have selected. You can expect to see these start with a discounted base price. Apprentice Series dolls are dolls used to train our staff on new techniques, to retrain and keep skills fresh, and to test new options.

Following is a quick breakdown of the 3 types of Sinthetics now available:

Customized Dolls
Base price:
• Female – $6,400
• Male – $6,750
Min. upgrade requirements:
• Female + $650
• Male + $500
Qualifying upgrades:
• Body hair
• Real hair eyebrows
• Upgraded skin finishes including freckles
• Tan Lines
• Tattoos
• Custom bodies/heads/nipples/teeth/genitalia
• Transsexual options
• Breast enlargements
• Signature Series
Not applicable to upgrade values:
• Additional heads
• Extra wigs/special order wigs
• Upgraded eyes
• 3D paint brows
• Piercings
• Personal Shopper
Wait time:
• 3 months – 12 months depending on
All Customized Sinthetics will come with a certificate of authenticity.

Basic Dolls
Base price:
• Female – $6,400
• Male – $6,750
Sold as is, when available.
Available upgrades:
• Body hair
• Additional wigs
• Beauty Marks
Wait time:
• Ready to ship within 7 business days without upgrades
• Ready to ship in 21 business days with upgrades

Apprentice Series:
Base price:
• Discounted on case-by-case basis
Sold as is, when available.
Available upgrades:
• Body hair
• Additional wigs
• Beauty Marks
Wait time:
• Ready to ship within 7 business days without upgrades
• Ready to ship in 21 business days with upgrades

These new policies will be instituted beginning January 15th, 2017 without exception. To get the old 2016 pricing orders need to be received AND deposited by end of day January 15th 2017.

All existing orders that have already been deposited will be created with the original pricing and finish details.

REDUCED! 2D for sale

January 9, 2017

Continuing our efforts to lighten our load and start 2017 on the best possible footing, we are selling these two dolls that are just hanging around. Take advantage of our LAST 2016 pricing on these items! Prices go up considerably as of January 15th.

Details of 2D:
This doll was a training doll for our staff when we were first testing new materials. She is made of the new soft silicone.

  • Apprentice Series
  • Body 2D
  • Slightly darker/more gold than typical Dolce skin tone
  • Base paint was a training exercise so the colors are outside our typical standard – we will do what we can to remedy this and recommend getting the upgraded dual or multi-tonal finishes.
  • Any head and finish details of your choosing with 2D Dolce
  • New soft silicone
  • Breasts softer than original Sinthetics but slightly firmer than our new standards
  • Removable or built-in vagina
  • Repair scar up the back of the neck from a neck part replacement. We opted to replace the part with an upgraded part after a material failure in another doll rather than risk a part failure in this doll.

Price: $4,900 + upgrades + freight

Please order by going to the original order form and selecting a body 2D with Dolce skin tone and all other details you would like. Prices are adjusted when order is convirmed. Payment in full by bank wire transfer, money order, check, cash. Not eligible for existing orders. First come first served. Ready to ship within approximately 4 weeks depending on final selections/upgrades.

Details of 1B:
This is a perfect 1B that was poured for a client who was unable to take delivery. 7sf202-peaches-1b-doll-for-sale-silicone-doll-cute-little-tits-athletic-body-naked

  • Body 1B
  • Peaches skin tone
  • Any head and finish details of your choosing except body type & skin tone
  • New super soft silicone, great range of motion
  • Super soft breasts (Click HERE to see video)
  • Removable or built-in vagina
  • NO imperfections!

Price: $5,200 + upgrades + freight

Please order by going to the original order form and selecting a body 1B with Peaches skin tone and all other details you would like. Prices will be adjusted when the order is confirmed. Payment in full by bank wire transfer, money order, check, cash. Not eligible for existing orders. First come first served. Ready to ship within approximately 4 weeks depending on final selections/upgrades.