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SOLD -Studio Alicia 1B for sale

April 19, 2019

We have a very special 1B Alicia for sale! She’s ready to go right now, as is. She is a studio doll (used for photos & video) that was poured in an experimental color called Champagne. For the time being, Champagne is a limited edition color that will not be an available selection on current orders. This doll is a Signature Series doll because she was hand-finished by Matt personally. She has a one of a kind poppy tattoo designed by Bronwen. The purchase price for this doll is $6800 plus freight.

These are the details:
Signature Alicia 1B, Champagne multi-tonal skin with light freckles, subtle tan lines, puffy nipples, one of a kind tattoo ($450 value), Standard Honey Pot insert, F2 honey blonde with highlights wig, upgraded hazel green eyes, Paint brows, Midnight eyeshadow, Feline Night liner, Roses Sheer lips, Standard teeth, Silver Swirl French manicure, French pedicure, pierced ears, clubwear or loungewear shipping outfit, standard 90 day warranty on the skeleton.

* This doll is available first come first served, new orders only.
* Payment must be made in full within 5 days of ordering.
* Finish details including wig and eyes cannot be changed; no additional body hair or finishes that add production time. Extra piercings can be added; labia type can be selected from standard options. Additional items such as another head, other eyes, other wigs etc. can be purchased for later delivery.

To purchase:
Add the doll from this link to your shopping cart and submit the order.
Champagne Poppies Alicia
The price will be manually adjusted and freight charges will be added. Please email sales@sinthetics.com with questions.

Annual Open House June 29

June 20, 2019

Hi friends and followers! It’s already that time of year again – our annual open house. The guys over at ODC decide the dates of the meet so we are following along and hosting the weekend they are in town. That’s going to be June 29th. The open house starts at 2pm and goes until about 5pm. You can come to visit the studio, meet us, see the dolls and other products, see what we have in development, and meet other doll guys. Light snacks and refreshments will be served.

The address is 3707 Medford Street, 90063. Parking is either on the street or in the 3709 parking lot. If you arrive close to opening time at 2pm the office door will be open so you can let yourself in. The office door is the closest to the street, a white one marked “Office”. If you arrive a bit late (which is great) and find the office door is locked, walk between the building and the fence to the small gate into another parking lot. The main entrance is on that side and it will be open for the duration of the meet. All attendees will be require to sign a waiver and show ID upon arrival.

Please do not be early! We’re artists over here and you know artists work late at night.

See you next week!

Fingernails and Toenails!

February 5, 2019

Did you know we carry a large stock of beautiful art nails you can choose from? Following are the nails we have in stock as of the beginning of February 2019. In many cases we only have one set of each style available so they are very limited in supply.

* For the 3D nail art keep in mind that these are higher maintenance nails so you need to be more careful in moving and posing your doll.

** Longer fingernails than standard can be more delicate or prone to catching on surfaces. Hands should be covered with stockings in bed or while dressing and posing to prevent snags or twisting the fingers.

*** In some cases with the 3D nails the applique may be on a different finger than the one shown, depending on the size of the nail bed.

If there isn’t a style here that you like, you can always ask us to source nails especially for you!

New Delivered Dolls Photos

January 31, 2019

We know our followers wait anxiously for the photos of dolls recently shipped. We just got caught up on the photos which you can see in the Flash gallery or in the individually linked pages showing specific head/body combinations.

Last week’s shipment was especially fun because we had 5 dolls to go out and had the time to photograph them all together. Typically we’re trying to move quickly so each doll is boxed as soon as we are done with the finish photos. In this case you can see everyone waiting patiently for their turn to get in front of the camera.

Another fun feature of this particular group of dolls was that there were 4 Alicia heads. 3 of them are the Cream skin tone, 1 is Honey, but they are all so different to one another! I included a few other Alicias from recent shipments for the comparison too. Sometimes even we are surprised by the versatility of the faces.

This set of dolls also included a very rare doll: A toffee Yuriko 1H! She is the first of her kind and a total knockout. It’s always fun for us to do dolls that are unique.

Did you know we dont actually see the dolls complete until the day they ship? While all the parts may be ready to go, the first time we see them assembled with heads, real eyes, the wig etc is right before they ship. All of the dolls you can see on the rack in the images above will be shipping within the next several weeks. 2019 is going to kick butt and take names!

Delivered Alicia 1B Sinthetics Page 3

January 30, 2019

This gallery shows the 3rd round of body 1B Alicia dolls that have been shipped. To see full size images, click on the thumbnail image, then use your LEFT & RIGHT ARROW keys to move through the gallery of your choice. Details on selected options for each doll are posted underneath the thumbnail gallery.

Click below to see other galleries of Alicia:
[Studio 1B Alicia] [Delivered 1B Alicia Page 1][ Delivered 1B Alicia Page 2]
[Alicia with other bodies]


Body 1B, Alicia head with Bunny teeth, Chai skin tone with light freckles, F19 Brunette highlights wig, Blue Green eyes, 3D Painted Brows, Midnight eyeshadow, Asian Style Sapphire liner, Natural Glow lips, Single Pierced Ears, French manicure & pedicure, Full Brazilian (Hairless) pubic area, Removable Honey Pot Insert Petite, Sporty shipping outfit.
Delivered to Canada



January 14, 2019

Happy New Year everyone!

It’s going to get a bunch happier for one of you. We’re doing a quick Flash Sale to bump-start the year and to celebrate our 8th anniversary which is exactly a month away. We’re prepping a bunch of dolls for the first shipment of the year and we’re taking inventory to make 2019 one of our greatest years to date.

We have ONE set of extra female skeleton parts so we decided to offer this crazy sale to one lucky person. We are offering ONE body 1B, 1H, or 2A for only $4,800 plus upgrades and freight. This is a great opportunity to grab a Sinthetic at our 2011 starting price!

* First come first served
* The order must be paid in full at the time of ordering
* Only one spot available
* Select from the bodies 1B, 1H, or 2A only
* New orders only (resellers ineligible)
* No fully custom features (ie: no custom nipples, labia, heads, etc.)
* All normally-available upgrades remain priced as usual

How to:
Place the order through our original shopping cart HERE.
After submitting your order enter the comment FLASH SALE.
Email Bronwen at Sales@Sinthetics.com to request the Flash Sale special.
Pay for the order in full when we confirm by email. Payment would expected within 7 days of confirmation.

Just for fun, here’s the first Alicia 1H we ever made, looking super foxy under the old 4th Street Bridge in Los Angeles.

Holiday Sale!

December 11, 2018

Are you tired of buying cool stuff for everyone else and ready to treat yourself? Now is the time. We’re offering the biggest discount we have ever offered just until December 25th. 15% off all products (excluding custom work and shipping) for orders received and paid before December 25th.

Tawny Holiday Sale

Also unexpectedly, we have a few of our accessory items ready made and able to be delivered in the USA in time for Christmas if ordered this week. We have in stock:
* A pair of Style 1 short feet in Peaches with French pedicure
* A 6″ upgraded doll back penis in Honey
* A 7″ cut upgraded flat back penis in Honey
* An 11″ upgraded flat back penis in Chocolate
* A flaccid uncut cupped back packer in Dolce
* A 5″ Single-density flat back penis in Chai
* A 6″ Single-density cupped back penis in Cream
* 4 Little Titty Keyrings, a bunch of balloon knots, and silicone tongues (these stocking stuffers are better than coal!)

Here’s how to get the 15% discount on doll and other orders:
TERMS – the discount is only available on new orders placed on or after December 11th and paid for before December 25th, 2018. Doll orders can be secured with the deposit of $2000 only or paid in full.
Orders placed through the original shopping cart enter a comment with the discount code JINGLE after you have submitted the order. Prices are updated manually.
Orders placed through sinthetics.biz can enter the code JINGLE at check out.

To order any of the in-stock items, simply place the order through the shop at https://www.sinthetics.biz/
If the item is no longer visible it has already been purchased. Make sure you select the “IN STOCK” item not a regular pre-configured item we need to make from scratch.
Enter the holiday discount code JINGLE and check out through the shopping cart.

Happy Holidays!

Frankenjankle, Halloween sale and more

October 12, 2018

Hi everyone!

This has been one hell of a year, no two ways about that. We have had a bit of fun though with some special orders of fantasy product. Did you know we can do all these crazy things?

The top of the list is the brand new “Frankenjankle” by Matt Krivicke. It’s the perfect combination of his love of Halloween (his prior career) and the dolls. He is making only 3 of these individually handmade ghoulish and therefore each slightly different Bride of Frankenstein style Vajankles. Each is $350 and come with a fancy Halloween-y custom sandal. Please email sales@sinthetics.com to order.

Frankenstein Vajankle OOAK by Sinthetics Halloween frankenjankle

Towards the beginning of the year we did a custom orc cock for a client! This was a super fun project creating what he and we envisioned an orc penis to look like. Here’s the monster green dong, affectionately known as the Orcgasm (TM pending).

Orc cock fantasy giant green dong silicone penis Sinthetics

We also recently completed these awesome Wicked Witch feet. They’re the style 2 tall feet but done bright green with metallic blue toenails and of course, red shiny sandals.

Now the part you’ve been waiting for!
We’re doing one of our rare sales which applies to dolls and accessories. The terms of the sale are:

  • 15% off all orders under $500 – discount code Halloweenie
  • 10% off all orders over $500 – discount code Scaretober
  • Payment must be received by November 1st (payment in full on accessories, deposit on dolls)
  • Discounts on new orders received after 10/12/18 only
  • Discounts do not apply to shipping or freight costs
  • No discounts on fully custom products (meaning new molds) or Frankenjankles

Accessories ordered by November 1 will have guaranteed Christmas delivery in the USA! International accessory orders for Christmas end October 20th.

Happy Halloween everyone!


July 10, 2018

It’s July already! We’re super busy and this week is especially focused as we prepare for our annual Open House and Doll Meet. This is a great opportunity for people to meet other doll owners, meet the staff at Sinthetics, and see the dolls. This year we’ll be doing some repair demos and answering questions about use, maintenance, and care. Last year attendees got to paint clay onto a new sculpture so they were part of the early development process in a very special way. This year we’ll have some other special things to show off.

There is no cost to attend the meet, but every attendee must RSVP by email to Sales@sinthetics.com and get pre-approval to join us since we limit attendance to 20 people. We will provide light snacks and beverages. The schedule and directions will be sent by email to registered guests.

Aside from seeing the dolls and other product we are working on, you can also see some art made by Matt and Bronwen. Some of the art shown is available for cash purchase.

More new photos!

May 31, 2018

We’ve been busy bees over here at Sinthetics. Bronwen has come back from her health-related leave of absence and has resumed all customer service. We hope you’ll be happy with the speed and quality of responses.

We’re also keeping up with the new photos on our site, including a whole new set of the luscious Monique 2A.

And our feline little sexpot Eliza 2A. Take a few minutes to check those out. There may be a bunch of new photos on our site since you last checked.

We also had a great shipping week last week so we have more guys and girls on the Delivered Dolls pages. They were a great-looking bunch!