Accessories Shopping Cart Temporarily Closed

December 4, 2020

Happy holidays everyone! 2020 has been the craziest year for everyone and has created all kinds of situations we never thought we would have to consider. Due to the State and City Covid restrictions implemented in March we have been required to run without staff for the majority of the year. We anticipate this is likely to continue until the Spring given the shocking increase in Covid cases in the USA right now.

Please keep in mind that our products are entirely handmade. Nothing is mechanized; a real human being is making every item. He’s a human being who has put his health on the line working under crazy pressure and not getting enough sleep. At the end of the day, his life is of more value than dolls, dicks or feet. In order for us to continue into the future and get staffed back up again next year he needs to be well and clear-headed because without him no one gets anything. It’s easy to get upset looking at a computer screen while living in the world of Amazon where mass-produced stuff arrives in a few days. We are not that. We are two humans doing our best in the one unifying time on earth when EVERYONE is impacted by the same virus and doing their best during unprecedented times.

Due to the fact that we do not have help and we have a big backlog, we are temporarily suspending sales of accessory items to give ourselves time to catch up. Going from 5 people to 1 is incredibly difficult but, given the worldwide nature of this thing, we know that you will be understanding as we pick ourselves up and continue business as best we can.

We understand that the delays may be disappointing but please do understand that we are working as much and as fast as humanly possible. By stopping sales at the busiest time of the year we hope you can see that we are taking whatever necessary steps to get caught up on existing orders.

We appreciate your patronage, understanding and support.

Wishing everyone the best possible holidays and a year of recovery and good health in 2021.

Virtual Open House July 15th

June 20, 2020

This has certainly been an odd year, but we’re using it to make some progress and changes that are past due. We didn’t host our annual Open House at the studio this year because of Covid-19, but we will be doing a limited admission meet-and-greet on Zoom thanks to on July 15th at 6pm PST.


This online get-together is intended to give you an opportunity to talk directly to us, meet other people interested in our products, hang out, get a virtual studio tour, and ask questions. Only 25 spots are available and each attendee gets a little schwag by mail including a coupon for SinBuxxx to spend in our store. You can get your tickets here:

Use the discount code FirstEvent2020 for a 25% discount. All funds are staying with Outside The Box to help them get their innovative social platform off the ground. See you then!

We have some items in stock!

May 7, 2020

Although we usually make every item to order, sometimes we have extras which are available for purchase right away. If you don’t want to wait the normal production time, pick up one of the items on our IN STOCK items page! When you order a ready-made item we will ship on our next shipping day. We only ship once per week typically. During Covid-times we may only ship every other week.

Also for added convenience you can contact us through Instagram and Facebook. We are able to answer simple questions through Social Media. The longer, more complicated discussions are still handled through email. Follow our social media to see behind-the-scenes photos, news, sales and discounts, and photos that may not be on our website.

We’re still going strong!

April 13, 2020

Hi Readers. We are happy to say that we are well and taking lots of precautions to remain that way through this pandemic. We’re also keeping a good sense of humor and hope you’re all able to get some laughs in too!

We have not had staff on site since March 17 but Matt and Bronwen are holding down the fort and continuing to make product and ship items. This basically means that everything ordered during the Pandemic is a “Signature Series” item because it’s being made and finished by Matt personally.

In this video you can see the way we clean and prepare all our shipments of accessory items.

As a small business we appreciate your purchases and patronage! We’re looking forward to coming through this and being able to bring our staff back. All of your support helps get us there.

Keep well and safe!

Festivus Sale 2019

December 18, 2019

Happy Holidays everyone! We hope you’re having some fun and getting some time off. We’re running a new sale just for you. 20% off all new orders placed between December 18 and 27, 2019 (not on custom work). Just enter the coupon code #festivus at checkout. Orders must be paid in full within 5 days of ordering to qualify for the discount. This is the largest discount we have ever offered! It’s the perfect time to spoil yourself.

We have lots of IN STOCK items on the Easy Order page. Look for IN STOCK in the title! Other products have the normal production times.

Small Business Saturday – Cyber Monday Sale!

November 30, 2019

💸 Happy Small Business Saturday! It’s the support of clients like you who keeps American small businesses running! In honor of the holiday season we have TWO deals going, starting now!

🦃 First, we are doing 20% off all items under $500 (discount code “gobble”) and 15% off items over $500 (coupon code “smallbiz”). These are the biggest discounts we have ever offered! Discounts are valid on new orders only placed between 11/30 and 12/2 2019, not including shipping or custom projects.

🎁 Secondly, we are doing our first-ever GIVEAWAY! To enter, follow us and tag a friend in the Small Business Saturday post on Instagram. You’ll know the one because it has the photo of our new unicorn-color flat-back balloon knots. The random drawing will be Dec 5th. Each of 3 lucky winners will receive a little keyring stocking stuffer gift pack.

We know that the new website is also being anxiously awaited. We’re working hard to get it released ASAP and we’ll also have some AWESOME new delivered dolls photos to add. We’re getting there.

Happy Thanksgiving!


New website on the way

November 4, 2019

As you likely noticed, our poor website hit a snag earlier in the summer which proved somewhat more complicated to fix than we had hoped. Rather than rehashing the old site we are building you a new one with updated usability and modern appearance. When we launch you can try the new Search function to find what you’re most interested in, or take a look at our latest Instagram feed without having to go to Instagram. We’re continuing to build and transfer all information but in the meantime you can follow progress and the new look at!
We’ve got LOTS of exciting stuff upcoming. Happy Fall everyone!

Annual Open House June 29

June 20, 2019

Hi friends and followers! It’s already that time of year again – our annual open house. The guys over at ODC decide the dates of the meet so we are following along and hosting the weekend they are in town. That’s going to be June 29th. The open house starts at 2pm and goes until about 5pm. You can come to visit the studio, meet us, see the dolls and other products, see what we have in development, and meet other doll guys. Light snacks and refreshments will be served.

The address is 3707 Medford Street, 90063. Parking is either on the street or in the 3709 parking lot. If you arrive close to opening time at 2pm the office door will be open so you can let yourself in. The office door is the closest to the street, a white one marked “Office”. If you arrive a bit late (which is great) and find the office door is locked, walk between the building and the fence to the small gate into another parking lot. The main entrance is on that side and it will be open for the duration of the meet. All attendees will be require to sign a waiver and show ID upon arrival.

Please do not be early! We’re artists over here and you know artists work late at night.

See you next week!

SOLD -Studio Alicia 1B for sale

April 19, 2019

We have a very special 1B Alicia for sale! She’s ready to go right now, as is. She is a studio doll (used for photos & video) that was poured in an experimental color called Champagne. For the time being, Champagne is a limited edition color that will not be an available selection on current orders. This doll is a Signature Series doll because she was hand-finished by Matt personally. She has a one of a kind poppy tattoo designed by Bronwen. The purchase price for this doll is $6800 plus freight.

These are the details:
Signature Alicia 1B, Champagne multi-tonal skin with light freckles, subtle tan lines, puffy nipples, one of a kind tattoo ($450 value), Standard Honey Pot insert, F2 honey blonde with highlights wig, upgraded hazel green eyes, Paint brows, Midnight eyeshadow, Feline Night liner, Roses Sheer lips, Standard teeth, Silver Swirl French manicure, French pedicure, pierced ears, clubwear or loungewear shipping outfit, standard 90 day warranty on the skeleton.

* This doll is available first come first served, new orders only.
* Payment must be made in full within 5 days of ordering.
* Finish details including wig and eyes cannot be changed; no additional body hair or finishes that add production time. Extra piercings can be added; labia type can be selected from standard options. Additional items such as another head, other eyes, other wigs etc. can be purchased for later delivery.

To purchase:
Add the doll from this link to your shopping cart and submit the order.
Champagne Poppies Alicia
The price will be manually adjusted and freight charges will be added. Please email with questions.

Fingernails and Toenails!

February 5, 2019

Did you know we carry a large stock of beautiful art nails you can choose from? Following are the nails we have in stock as of the beginning of February 2019. In many cases we only have one set of each style available so they are very limited in supply.

* For the 3D nail art keep in mind that these are higher maintenance nails so you need to be more careful in moving and posing your doll.

** Longer fingernails than standard can be more delicate or prone to catching on surfaces. Hands should be covered with stockings in bed or while dressing and posing to prevent snags or twisting the fingers.

*** In some cases with the 3D nails the applique may be on a different finger than the one shown, depending on the size of the nail bed.

If there isn’t a style here that you like, you can always ask us to source nails especially for you!