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August 18, 2012

We have been super busy recently at Sinthetics. For those who follow the site closely you will have seen a new page added for Celeste 1B.

Thanks to the owner of “Eva” for giving us a little extra time to do this gallery photo set of his girl.


We have shipped a lot of dolls recently, many with some outstanding upgrades and unusual finishes. We’ll continue adding the shipped doll photos as clients acknowledge receipt of the pictures.

In the past week or so we added some new nipple upgrade options. We’ve had a great many custom projects of late which everyone can benefit from with some lovely new choices. Most recently added are our SPL nipples (Small puffy areolae with long nipples). These can be added to any body!

Other changes to our shopping cart include the unfortunate removal of 3 of our most popular wigs. A sign of these difficult economic times – one of our favorite wig manufacturers has closed. We picked up as much of their closing stock as we could, but unfortunately styles F6, F10 and U3 are no longer readily available. We continue to look for manufacturers of excellent quality, modern styled wigs to replace these recent removals.


We have instituted a new policy regarding extreme requests/micro-management from clients:
Sinthetics offers unparalleled opportunity for personalization of your doll. We are happy to consider most requests and go out of our way to create very personalized finishes from things as simple as special fingernails or as complex as fully custom bodies. There are, however, limitations to changes we will make to general production at no cost. Changes to standard production techniques such as body blushing, nail application, and overall finishes will now be billed at $150/hour . We have found that clients who dominate all areas of the artistic process cause us to second-guess our own work. This results in a finished product that is less than it would have been if our expertise is simply trusted. You have entrusted Sinthetics to create your ideal silicone Polymerisian; please know that we will make every effort to not only meet but exceed your expectations. We are known for exceptional detail and attention to finishes, we will go out of our way to create outstanding art. We have earned this reputation and appreciate that you will trust us to pleasantly surprise you. We appreciate not having our creative process and knowledge of our materials stifled.


Coming up!

  • We have several new heads which will be making appearances in the next month or two plus several other exciting projects nearing completion.
  • We will be exhibiting at Venus Berlin in October. We encourage all our European clients to visit with us there! We’ll post the booth number on our home page as soon as it is confirmed. There will be several new items exhibited for the first time at Venus. For those unable to attend, we’ll post brief updates on our Twitter feed.
  • Look for more new photo sets in coming weeks. Some have already been previewed around the web, but there are also some very special new sets.

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