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May 2, 2018

We dropped a hint a few months ago that we’d created some new product earlier in the year. You may have seen our dolls used in a booth at the CES trade show to advertise the Netflix series “Altered Carbon”. Our dolls are not in the show, but we developed new products and finishes for the CES dolls. Here you can see the dolls at the trade show:

This is an interesting article about the booth and the marketing campaign (which we thought was pretty clever)!

The new details which are now available to purchase with Sinthetics dolls are a permanent, seamless head connection and a new closed eyes Celeste and Akira heads. The heads can be purchased for any dolls; they do not need to be permanently attached. Likewise, the new seamless permanent head connection can be selected as an upgrade on any new doll order.

Did you see the fantastic stretch marks on a body 2D? Shown above the doll also has the multi-tonal finish, veining on the breasts, tan lines, custom puffy perky nipples, and beauty marks. You can see them and other custom options HERE. There are more pictures of the 2D with stretch marks on the Delivered Belinda 2D page (which is also new!).

We have added a new page to the website introducing our staff. Many people don’t realize that Sinthetics is a very personal operation. When you order a product from us you’re ordering a one-of-a-kind item which is handmade to order. We do not keep stock and every item is individually made with care by real people. We have no production line, no robots, no machines. This is not a factory but rather an artists’ studio where you’re receiving individual attention to your item. We have long production times because we work in traditional, low-tech techniques to bring you something truly special.


We were so busy with all the other stuff we forgot to post the delivered dolls! We’ve fixed that now so take a minute to check out the beauties and the sexy dudes we’ve been sending home lately.

We just added another new page of information to help doll owners. It’s the Repairs page and packaged as part of the Care Guide. We hope you find it useful. Many of the instructions provided are relevant regardless of the brand of your silicone doll.

3 thoughts on “New product, pages, & photos

  1. Arlette

    Akira is hot. The closed eye version makes me want to nap with him. <3 <3 <3 <3 And the freckles are so interesting! I once knew a girl with very heavy freckles all over her face and arms and I thought it was the most beautiful thing. Would it be possible for my male doll to have freckles but with VERY pale skin? Thanks 🙂

    1. Sinthetics Post author

      Absolutely! We’d love to do another very light skinned doll with lots of freckles.


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