New photos added

September 9, 2013

We know you always look forward to new photo sets of the Sinthetics so show off their versatility. We’ve added four new sets today – gradually working through the piles of photo galleries we still have to add. Included in today’s additions are:

  1. Alicia 1B on a little jog out by Dodger’s Stadium
  2. Monique 1H too late for the party at an abandoned water park
  3. Albino Monique showing her sexy side in Las Vegas
  4. Tawny 1B in all her glory with a bit of attitude, ready to go out on the Vegas Strip

We hope you enjoy the sets and will continue to check back regularly to see what else we have added!

2 thoughts on “New photos added

  1. Davecat

    Doing a photoshoot of Dolls in an abandoned structure or area has always been a dream of mine, so that shoot stood out to me! Not saying the others are bad, but in those cases, I’m staring at the subjects, not the background. 🙂


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