New Eliza Face

May 3, 2013

We're very happy to release the first of quite a few new heads, our Eliza face. This was a custom head done for a special project; a likeness of a model who will not be disclosed. We and the client, Fuzzy, are very happy with how she turned out! Thanks to Fuzzy for letting us add Eliza to the Sinthetics line now that his original has been delivered.


We hope that you all love this unusual face with her exotic eyes and sexy mouth. Look for new photo sets of her to be released in coming weeks. View our Tumblr for some sneak-peek sets of other dolls too!

6 thoughts on “New Eliza Face

  1. Mark

    Eliza is definitely a babe. When you do such a custom head based on a real person’s face, what is the procedure? I’m guessing that getting legal authorization from the person is a must. Do you use 3D laser scans of the person’s face or life mask, or do you have some other method? Thanks.

    1. Sinthetics Post author

      We use all kinds of methods to do custom work but in the end EVERYTHING requires hand sculpting to put in the details before mold making. The Eliza head was sculpted from scratch (as were Celeste, Kimiko and Gabriel) using photographic reference. If we sell the sculpture as a likeness of someone we need their consent. The company was started with a likeness of Josie Stevens. She permitted us to use her body as our standard 1H but the exact likeness of her face was a one-of-a-kind item. Josie’s project started from 3D scans but still required considerable sculpting. A 3D scan does not produce a mold-ready output, it only provides the existing geometry.


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