New Delivered Dolls Photos

January 31, 2019

We know our followers wait anxiously for the photos of dolls recently shipped. We just got caught up on the photos which you can see in the Flash gallery or in the individually linked pages showing specific head/body combinations.

Last week’s shipment was especially fun because we had 5 dolls to go out and had the time to photograph them all together. Typically we’re trying to move quickly so each doll is boxed as soon as we are done with the finish photos. In this case you can see everyone waiting patiently for their turn to get in front of the camera.

Another fun feature of this particular group of dolls was that there were 4 Alicia heads. 3 of them are the Cream skin tone, 1 is Honey, but they are all so different to one another! I included a few other Alicias from recent shipments for the comparison too. Sometimes even we are surprised by the versatility of the faces.

This set of dolls also included a very rare doll: A toffee Yuriko 1H! She is the first of her kind and a total knockout. It’s always fun for us to do dolls that are unique.

Did you know we dont actually see the dolls complete until the day they ship? While all the parts may be ready to go, the first time we see them assembled with heads, real eyes, the wig etc is right before they ship. All of the dolls you can see on the rack in the images above will be shipping within the next several weeks. 2019 is going to kick butt and take names!

2 thoughts on “New Delivered Dolls Photos

  1. Mark M McGlashan

    Glad to hear 2019 will be kick ass. Still waiting on information regarding the status of my order


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