July 10, 2018

It’s July already! We’re super busy and this week is especially focused as we prepare for our annual Open House and Doll Meet. This is a great opportunity for people to meet other doll owners, meet the staff at Sinthetics, and see the dolls. This year we’ll be doing some repair demos and answering questions about use, maintenance, and care. Last year attendees got to paint clay onto a new sculpture so they were part of the early development process in a very special way. This year we’ll have some other special things to show off.

There is no cost to attend the meet, but every attendee must RSVP by email to Sales@sinthetics.com and get pre-approval to join us since we limit attendance to 20 people. We will provide light snacks and beverages. The schedule and directions will be sent by email to registered guests.

Aside from seeing the dolls and other product we are working on, you can also see some art made by Matt and Bronwen. Some of the art shown is available for cash purchase.

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