Growing Pains Hurt!

April 29, 2015

We are happy to say we have finally got everything moved from our old address to the new one, and big strides have been made in getting sorted out and resuming work. That said, there are still some growing pains which we’ve become aware of. One of those is that the phone line was not properly transferred. We expect to keep the same phone number but our current carrier is working on some line updates which means our lines are currently down. We hope they will have everything sorted and fixed before the weekend. Please contact us via email in the meantime. We apologize for the inconvenience.

We are also still behind in emails somewhat but we’re working hard to get caught up. We appreciate your patience as we rebuild and come back even better than before. To help you visualize what we’re up to, here are some studio shots from the past week or so, plus some snapshots of the color selection process. We have done (and continue to work on) some huge upgrades to the building and we’re really looking forward to settling in and enjoying them!

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