At Sinthetics, we really enjoy the opportunity to personalize our polymerisian lasses and lads in a variety of ways. We feel connected to the project, and to the client/doll by being able to add something unique to each doll. We do not replicate existing tattoos if we can help it, and we prefer to do the art in house. There are some limitations to what we can do, but they are not many. The prices for tattoos vary depending on size, location and complexity. The base price is $150 which includes a non-refundable design fee. In the following collections, we show some of the concept art, preliminary sizing and placement tests, and the finished tattoos.

The tattoo above was in a complex, curved location. It was hand painted to be a clean, legible script.

The style of this tattoo had a specific look which none of our in-house artists could create. We had professional illustrator Lance Haunrogue do the design to the client’s specifications. The client also requested that we sign the doll and add the date she was poured.

These designs were created by the client and provided to us ready to apply. The back piece required learning some new techniques to get the lines extra sharp and clean.

This client also provided his designs shown on a Sim. We converted them to usable files and applied the tattoos to his specifications. Our first face tattoo! And we love the power button.

This client gave us guidelines for the design. Once he had picked the version he liked we did a Photoshop rendering of how it may appear on the doll. The 2nd image shows the finished piece. This was the first tattoo we ever did.

Butterflies are very popular for feminine tattoos. This client let us know the color palate he wanted and we gave him a selection of designs to pick from. He ultimately picked the butterfly with flourishes for the back and a single matching butterfly for the front hip. The first image shows the final design and Photoshop mockup. The second two pictures are the finished tattoos.

Following the butterfly theme, the first image above is a pink fantasy butterfly created for a doll with a very specific girly persona. Creating for a character is always fun! The 2nd image shows a pair of designs provided to the client for a different doll. The third image is the design he selected, applied and finished.

This client provided us the base artwork that he wanted which we converted into usable format. The first two pictures are paper applications of the tattoo to allow him to choose size and direction. They are shown on a studio doll, not the final doll. The next two pictures show how the tattoo turned out when complete. The final image is an additional small tattoo she has on the hip.

In this instance the doll had a preexisting tattoo over the breast. The client had significant sentimental meaning attached to his doll so he selected symbols that were meaningful to him to be applied as tattoos.

As with many others, the client told us generally what he wanted for the design and we created 5 or 6 different versions for him. In the end we combined 2 different designs to result in this style. The first picture shows our graphite outline, the second two show the piece complete.

This was one of the most complex and time-consuming designs we have ever done. The client gave very general direction and we went from there to create the illustration shown first. To make sure we got placement and size exactly right, we applied a paper version of the tattoo to confirm the details. As you can see from the last three images, application was successful and very exotic.

Probably the most complex design we’ve done to date. We loved how this one turned out! It took 2 different artists to do the application. The first 4 pictures show the tattoo in progress. The last two show it sealed and complete.

We’re looking forward to seeing where we get to expand in the future!