Tasha James

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The next great thing! “It’s A Tasha Thing” brought to you by Maddy G TV.

Pictures on this page courtesy of Maddy G.

You can view the YouTube videos of the Tasha series HERE, but you can also download the uncensored versions and buy DVDs HERE!

The show features Tasha James, created by Sinthetics, and co-stars Anna Davidova and Marie Madison.  Click HERE to Watch the Pilot Episode for Free on MaddyGTV.

Visit the Official Website for the show!  There you will find the episode guide, links to Tasha’s social networks, all kinds of ‘Tasha Thing’ Merchandise and links to download ‘uncensored’ versions of the episodes.”It’s A Tasha Thing” contains adult language and sexual situations. It’s intended for adults, and is not safe for work.

Would you like to have Tasha for yourself?! Click here to buy an identical replica of Tasha.


9 thoughts on “Tasha James

  1. Arlington Virginia

    After I saw Tasha James my “Alica” wishes changed in a heartbeat to MUST HAVE THAT ONE!!! Consequently my “Alica4me” username has been changed.

  2. Adam

    Wow! SO realistic. I can’t believe the artistry and craftsmanship. Truly. Now if only you had butt shape/size options, cuz this girl needs a sandwich. 😉

    1. Sinthetics Post author

      There is a link right on the Tasha James page to add her specifics to the shopping cart. Simply sign in, click through to submit the order and that’s it.

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