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At Sinthetics we are known for our beautiful, super-realistic silicone feet. We offer them in different styles and sizes. The short feet are solid silicone (no internal structure) and end just above the ankle. The tall feet have the same internal structure as the dolls (ankle joint, cores etc) ending just below the knee. The tall feet also have small hooks at the top which you can use for hanging and posing. The feet are finished with the same materials and detail as the feet on Sinthetic manikins.

About the feet:
We currently offer three styles of feet available in Short, Tall and Short Upgraded. They are manufactured to order in your choice of skin tone and nail color. All styles are molded from life so they have the detailed skin texture you would expect. The feet have a separate big toe but the other toes are joined for durability. There is no internal structure in the toes. You can cut them apart to separate if you wish. We do not recommend this as it greatly reduces durability and also causes flat spots where the toes were connected. Each pair of feet is shipped with a pair of shoes.

Prices (not including upgrades or postage):

  • Basic short feet               $249
  • Vajankle                           $175 (no shoes)
  • Mixed pair style A
    1 vajankle, 1 standard   $299.50
  • Two-tone short feet       $349
  • Tall feet                            $499The current estimated production time for feet is 6 – 8 weeks (plus delivery time).

Sizes:Style A is US Size 7, slightly wide at the instep
Style 1 is US size 7.5 – the same feet on our body 1 dolls
Style 2 is US size 6.5 – the same feet on our body 2 dolls
We recommend that you order shoes a size larger than the feet for closed-toe styles.

The Vajankle is a novelty product that was created by special request. It has a usable vagina in the top of the ankle. You can order the Vajankle separately, or in a mixed pair (one foot has the vagina, one is just a stnadard short foot). The Vajankle is made from the Style A feet.

The Nails:
You can select from a variety of nail options including nail art (standard decals or custom 3D Japanese style nails). The feet all have rigid acrylic nails. If you wish to paint the nails different colors we recommend ordering the plain, unfinished tips. Finished and colored tips should not be painted because the original color and finish can be damaged. If you do choose to paint the nails, use non-acetone nail polish remover to take the color off. Acetone will melt acrylic.

The Models:
We selected our models based on requests from our foot-fetish friends. There is a lot of discussion about feet on our forum – you are welcome to participate. We do not give out any personal information about our models including their age or race so please don’t ask. Feel free to apply whatever age/race/personality to the feet of your choice. Future styles will be added as we add bodies to our doll line.

CLICK HERE to sign in or create a new shopper profile, then and go to “Shop”  and select “Feet” to order your set of feet today.

Visit our Forum for discussion about our feet and other items and our FAQ for other information including shipping prices, materials, care and maintenance etc.


The Vajankle shown in the Milk skin tone with French pedicure


Style 2 tall feet, shown in Cream with French pedicure.



The feet shown above are the Short Feet Style 2 in Chai skin tone with French.


The feet shown above are the Short Feet Style A in regular and upgraded (two-tone).


The feet shown above are the Short Feet Style 1


The feet shown above are the Short Feet Style 2


The feet shown above are the Tall Feet Style A


The feet shown above are Tall Feet Style 1


The feet shown in the gallery above are the tall style A feet in Milk skin tone with French pedicure. These pictures are shown courtesy of Davecat.


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  2. Bernard

    I received your mail and i wrote you yesterday. Its about sinthetics feet, they are fantastics!
    Perfect feet At last! I would prep to be interesting in feet style A skinton peaches Cherry redvarnishnail on toes.
    Please excuse me for my shool english!
    Thank you very much
    Yours faithfully

  3. Eileen

    I want hollow feet to wear over my own feet so I don’t have to worry about pedicures all the time. I know someone makes them and they slip on like socks. Do you make these types of feet or do you know who does? Thanks.

    1. Sinthetics Post author

      Neither Milk nor Peaches. Both are very fair skin tones. Caucasian with a slight tan would be Honey or Chai.

    1. Sinthetics Post author

      To get into the ordering part of the website take the following steps:
      1) Click here:;
      2) Sign in if you already have a membership, or create a membership to get to the order queue
      3) Click the 2nd menu item in the top bar  “Order”. You can also access this page from by going to the “Order” button on the top menu bar and selecting “Doll Order Form” from the list.
      4) Select “Female doll” then click “Submit”
      5) Make your selections from the available options
      6) Either save your selection for viewing later, or you can submit it from the cart to our order queue.
      7) When the order is submitted, I will add freight and send an acknowledgement. From there we add your order to the queue based on when the deposit and final payments are made.

      View the following areas for important information about payments, policies and shipping:
      Payments :
      Policies :
      Shipping :

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