9 thoughts on “Packer style

  1. Aaron

    Now my situation might be a bit different, I want it to be able to fit over my penis and to cup my balls, that way when I’m wearing skinny jeans something would bulge a bit more, can you help me out with that?

  2. Jesse

    Hi. I am interested in purchasing a transgender penis, cupped, but I wanted to know a couple things. Can the flaccid be upgraded to the dual density?
    Also, can the penis be made thinner and shorter or smaller in general with a hole in the center, so I turn it into an STP?
    Can you make a silicone type harness that is clear and not as noticibe as some others?

    and lastly I was and have been looking for a while. The dolls you make with the trans option for attachments…the round ball/rounded thing you use to attach it to the doll…I was wondering if there is some way for us tans guys to order it like that and have a sorta of harness that would receive that part too?
    You thoughts on these things would be great. Also, I have the sample colors. When you make single density are they too colored like real penis’? like the head and balls different colors to blend?

    Thank you


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