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      Follow these steps to place an order:
      1) Click here: http://workshop.sinthetics.com/login/login
      2) Sign in if you already have a membership, or create a membership to get to the order queue
      3) Click the 2nd menu item in the top bar “Order”. You can also access this page from http://www.sinthetics.com by going to the “Order” button on the top menu bar and selecting “Order Form” from the list.
      4) Select “Male attachments” then click “Next”
      5) Make your selections from the available options
      6) Either save your selection for viewing later, or you can submit it from the cart to our order queue.
      7) When the order is submitted, I will add freight and send an acknowledgement. From there we add your order to the queue based on when the deposit and final payments are made.

      View the following areas for important information about payments, policies and shipping.
      These links can all be translated into any language of your choosing at the top of the Questions and Answer Page:
      Payments : http://sinthetics.com/about/faq/#Payments
      Policies : http://sinthetics.com/about/faq/#Policies
      Shipping : http://sinthetics.com/about/faq/#shipping

    1. Sinthetics Post author

      The flaccid cupped back penises are $149. Prices are shown on the Prices page, the Penis Details page, and on the order forms.


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