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Delivered M1 Akira Sinthetics

Weight = approx. 100lb or 45.6kg
Height = approx. 5’9″ or 175.25cm
Neck = 15” or 38cm
Shoulders = 18” or 45.7cm
Chest = 35” or 81.2cm
Arm length = 23″ or 58.5cm
Shirt size = Small or medium
Waist = 28” or 71cm
Hip/Buttocks = 34.5” or 87.5cm
Pants size = 29 waist/30 or 31 inseam, or size small
Inseam = 30” or 76.2cm
Shoe size = US 10.5; UK 10; Euro 44.5 (one size larger for closed toes)

21 thoughts on “Akira

    1. Sinthetics Post author

      These dolls are individually handmade by a skilled artist. They are extremely expensive to make. For items of this quality, that are each individual, do not look for the prices to come down.

  1. Alexander

    My guess is that they don’t clear much money. businesses are expensive have large overhead expenses. They are expensive, but probably due more to the business overhead than the desire to make a ton of cash.

    1. Sinthetics Post author

      We do it for the love of the industry. But you’re right, a company as small as ours has enormous overhead and hardly any profit. Good thing we’re not in it for the dollars!

    1. Sinthetics Post author

      The body M2 is not yet in development. We have no ETA on when it will be available. It may be a year or more.

    1. Sinthetics Post author

      Prices are shown on the Prices page (linked from our home page), and on the order form. Male dolls start at $6,100 plus any upgrades you select and freight.

    1. Sinthetics Post author

      They are not all (or mostly) uncircumcised. Most of the penises we offer are circumcised because that’s the most common situation in the USA and most of our penises are from life casts. You can see the options here: Penis Details

  2. Jessica Tierney

    I want a male one to have sex with me. Do they have one that has a pelvis area that thrusts?

    1. Sinthetics Post author

      Hello. These dolls are not mechanical or robotic at all. They are static which means you have to pose them and you have to do the work. You can watch the video on VICE which shows how a woman can use the doll sexually. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GKFHZuCvvS4 You can also look up video with Jessica Ryan who did a few porn shoots with a male doll.

  3. Justa Girl

    I keep coming across this site at random, whether it be by my owm curiosity,
    someone else’s curiosity, or seeing a link to the site on FB, and I can’t help but
    To think just how awesome this really is. You all do an amazing job, such dedication
    To the fine details! I’m hoping One day to get one of my own. But until that day, keep up the good work y’all!


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