Delivered Dolls

Following are images of Sinthetics that have been shipped. You can also see the Delivered Dolls in individual galleries divided by body & head combination on each of the gallery home pages (direct links below). Check back often as we continue to update. The most recent deliveries show first.

You can also see photos of Sinthetics taken by their owners on our Client Gallery page, and pictures with comments on our Testimonials Page.



The photos in this gallery are all of our delivered dolls. These are snapshots we took of each Sinthetic before she or he left for her/his new home. If you have difficulty seeing the flash images below, you can view the individual galleries by head/body combination in the table below.

We’re already on our 7th gallery of delivered Sinthetics!
Older slideshows have moved to the bottom of the page.


You can follow these links to see listings of dolls delivered by head & body combination. On these pages, each gallery includes the specifics of the doll shown.


Body 1B

Body 1H

Body 2D

Body 2A

Body 3C

Alicia 1B page 1

Alicia 1B page 2

Alicia 1B page 3

Alicia 1H page 1

Alicia 1H page 2

Alicia 1H page 3

Alicia 2D

Alicia 2D page 2

Alicia 2D page 3

Alicia 2A coming soon!

Belinda 1B

Belinda 1H

Belinda 2D

coming soon! coming soon!

Celeste 1B page 1

Celeste 1B page 2

Celeste 1H page 1

Celeste 1H page 2

Celeste 2D

Celeste 2D page 2

Celeste 2A


coming soon!

Celestine 1B

Celestine 1H

Celestine 2D

Celestine 2A coming soon!

Eliza 1B

Eliza 1H

Eliza 2D

coming soon! coming soon!

Kimiko 1B

Kimiko 1H

Kimiko 2D

coming soon! coming soon!

Monique 1B

Monique 1H

Monique 2D

Monique 2A coming soon!

Tawny 1B

Tawny 1H

Tawny 2D

Tawny 2A coming soon!

Yuriko 1B

Yuriko 1H

Yuriko 2D

Yuriko 2A coming soon!

Willow 1B

Willow 1H

Willow 2D

coming soon! coming soon!


Body M1
Akira M1 n/a n/a
Gabriel M1
Gabriel M1 page 2
n/a n/a
William M1 n/a n/a

First gallery of delivered Sinthetics (oldest set).

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