Frankenjankle, Halloween sale and more

October 12, 2018

Hi everyone!

This has been one hell of a year, no two ways about that. We have had a bit of fun though with some special orders of fantasy product. Did you know we can do all these crazy things?

The top of the list is the brand new “Frankenjankle” by Matt Krivicke. It’s the perfect combination of his love of Halloween (his prior career) and the dolls. He is making only 3 of these individually handmade ghoulish and therefore each slightly different Bride of Frankenstein style Vajankles. Each is $350 and come with a fancy Halloween-y custom sandal. Please email to order.

Frankenstein Vajankle OOAK by Sinthetics Halloween frankenjankle

Towards the beginning of the year we did a custom orc cock for a client! This was a super fun project creating what he and we envisioned an orc penis to look like. Here’s the monster green dong, affectionately known as the Orcgasm (TM pending).

Orc cock fantasy giant green dong silicone penis Sinthetics

We also recently completed these awesome Wicked Witch feet. They’re the style 2 tall feet but done bright green with metallic blue toenails and of course, red shiny sandals.

Now the part you’ve been waiting for!
We’re doing one of our rare sales which applies to dolls and accessories. The terms of the sale are:

  • 15% off all orders under $500 – discount code Halloweenie
  • 10% off all orders over $500 – discount code Scaretober
  • Payment must be received by November 1st (payment in full on accessories, deposit on dolls)
  • Discounts on new orders received after 10/12/18 only
  • Discounts do not apply to shipping or freight costs
  • No discounts on fully custom products (meaning new molds) or Frankenjankles

Accessories ordered by November 1 will have guaranteed Christmas delivery in the USA! International accessory orders for Christmas end October 20th.

Happy Halloween everyone!

6 thoughts on “Frankenjankle, Halloween sale and more

  1. rose arias jenna curry

    is there anyway the next basic vajankle orderd can be in the style of the witch feet ❓ i’d love me a witchy basic vajankle for 99 or if it’s 100-200 ranged i’ll still buy one with my christmas 300 giftcard matt

    1. Sinthetics Post author

      No, the basic is cheaper because it is made the same every time. Exotic and special products cost more. Custom skin tones are $300.


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