1. I would like to suggest adding a component to the website that gives a visual depiction of the doll after it has been configured completely.  I would appreciate this greatly, because I am currently left to imagine a good deal what the doll I have decided on will look like when it arrives.  Perhaps this visual depiction could also be made to rotate at a leisurely pace at the option of registered site visitors so they could view it from the front and back? 

  2. I think that's a fantastic idea, I can only imagine so much.  It would help to make sure the makeup colors go well with each other along with hair and skin tone.  I'd like to have this option too.

  3. We have some ideas on how to implement a sort of configurator but unfortunately there are some technical difficulties largely because there are over a BILLION potential combinations for Sinthetics. Right now we post the delivered dolls photos to try to assist with having a realistic representation of what you can expect. Hopefully in time we'll get a configurator made and functional.

  4. A billion potential combinations? Well, maybe just a depiction of the body type, hair style and color, and skin tone then?

  5. I agree like a list of good combinations of skin, hair, makeup.  So the customers don't have to worry about clashing colors.

  6. While we're waiting for this project to come to fruition, definitely keep an eye on the shipped dolls. Those are real life pictures, unmodified, of how the combinations look. Also, we do give recommendations when things dont sound right so we wont let you make a horrible mistake. :)

  7. The recent addition of freckles, piercings and tattoos to the order options was a very good move. 


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