1. The 2D body will be out in a couple months and after that the 2A body will be out in a couple of months after and it will have A/B cup.

  2. Is this a question or a statement?

  3. Statement.  I asked Sinthetics, just sharing the information.

  4. 2D will be out in a few weeks, 2A (with an A-cup) will be out a little while after that. 1B will also be released at some point this year. The letter represents the bra size on the body type. The body is otherwise identical.

  5. I really look forward to it.  Your work is stunning.  And you are the best company.  Other companies don't listen to their customers, such as RealDoll, they have this adittude of "these are your options take them, or go some place else."  Where as Sinthetics loves to hear the ideas of their customers and may even use them.  Pretty soon I think Sinthetics will be the top rated company and realdoll will be known as second rate.  Three cheers for Sinthetics!

  6. "These are your options; take them or go some place else..."  And I find myself here on the Sinthetics website.  So I guess thanks is owed to a rather odd source, huh?

    Looking forward to seeing pics of the new bodies.  Excellent work thus far!

  7. You're welcome. ; ) 

  8. One of the nicest features of Sinthetics is when you go to the gallery of one of the dolls and you see a version of the doll being shown, there is at the end of the description "buy this version of Celeste" and so on and so on.  Their are more and better makeup options, wig colors, skin tones pretty much everything has more options.  At realdoll if you want something different then the makeup or hair and skin tones it costs extra.  At RealDoll FAQ, they say they give the option of different nipple sizes, which is true, but you can only make them bigger, not smaller.   Also they say there is the option of a custom labia, also true but again only if they can mimic a photo if not then they can't do it.   I think after years of being the top company they stopped caring about their customers and developed a stuck up ego.  Now to the realistic comparison, RealDoll's dolls look more like Barbies then people, their privates look incredibly fake.  Sinthetics how ever look beyond realistic, if you look at them you half expect them to blink, the privates are the most realistic that I've seen from any company.  I'm a Sinthetics customer for life.  And there is a option to have a personal shopper if you're to embarrassed to shop for them yourself.  And at a modest fee.  Sinthetics cares, if you want quality at a fair price then look no further.

  9. Femme, I was speaking of Abyss when I mentioned thanking an "odd source" for winding up on the Sinthetics website.  I wouldn't insult you by calling you "odd"!  Nonetheless, thanks goes to you for stating what more or less does seem to be Abyss's attitude... Too bad for them.

  10. Embarrassed : D  LOL

  11. Thanks for your compliments guys, we appreciate them and keep trying! We really do want to make the best both in the product and your experience of ordering/preparing for one.


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