1. I would like to know if it's possible to order the insert with an hymen (anularis or imperforatus) ?

  2. Hi Kroff,
    Both of the types of hymen you mention are actually birth defects which result in necessary surgery or painful sex. In the case of the imperforated hymen, if not diagnosed and surgically altered at birth, causes severe menstrual problems...

    If you want a "doll hymen" which would basically just be a thin membrane of silicone at the opening that is something that could be done on the built-in entries but much more complicated on the removable insert. After the first time it is broken it would be done for good, just like the real thing.

    What is your objective in getting something like this? Do you want to take the doll's virginity or is it something else? As with all custom options, it's best to discuss this in emails.

  3. "After the first time it is broken it would be done for good, just like the real thing"

    Sure ! That's the interest I would say.

    I think it is a valuable option for two different reasons :

    1) Taking the doll's virginity
    2) Being eventually able to sell the manikin as "never sexually used" if the owner considered it's a piece of art for instance

    It could be nothing more than a thin membrane of silicone glued at the opening indeed ; Nothing complicated I guess.
    But if it is much too difficult to make that's not so important for me. Just an idea I had.

    We can talk about this in private of course !


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