1. Can a Sinthetics Manikin sit up in bed without damage?  I thought my Realdoll could but it broke her back.  Seems that the joint between the spine and pelvis was overtightened and wouldn't flex properly.  So her spine flexed instead and eventually broke. I hope that my new manikin will not be like that. Please re-assure me.

  2. Yes, absolutely, she can sit up in bed. If you are having difficulty posing her or feel that you may be on the wrong path, please contact us for instructions. There are also directions in our FAQ and the care guide that each doll gets.

    Monique reclining unsupported on a bed:

    Alicia sitting up on a bed unsupported

    Celeste on a soft couch

  3.    Based on prior experience, I'm willing to bet that they can.  Mahtek & his Ladies


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