1. As more and more people buy Sinthetics, more questions are coming up about the quality of the shipping container and the packing.

    Here is a brief 'photo essay' on how my Sinthetic arrived.  [Originally posted on OurDollCommunity.com]

    (unfortunately I am banned on TDF so I cannot share this information there as well.  I dared question why TDF was so aggressively disparaging Sinthetics, and got what management felt I deserved for that)

    Because my workshop is entered via the back of the house, I had the shipping company (who arrived at the front of the house) place my delivery into my pickup bed and I then drove it around to the back of the house and brought it inside by myself.

    The cardboard box is sturdy and well made.  The manikin is protected by a pretty cloth 'shroud' and packed in securely among layers of bubble wrap.  

    There is an incredible amount of attention to detail.  I was really impressed by the logo embroidered ties on her shroud.  Lots of extras are included with the manikin but her purse full of goodies is a real delight.

  2. Great review Perry !

    Thanks a lot !

    Your pics are always welcome :-)

  3. Thank you for posting this here Perry, we appreciate your participation! For anyone expecting shipment, the current wraps for the dolls do not have the ribbon ties and they are just carefully but loosely wrapped around the dolls with extra bubble wrap to protect the face and eyelashes.


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