1. Hi guys...I will be placing a order within the next month or so
    Was wondering if I give my deposit to place a order with you guys how long do I need
    to clarify what design of head n body and make up style and custom mods for my doll..
    Trouble what I have is deciding on a look!!! ....I like all of your dolls what I have seen in your gallerys!..I have a sort of writers block sorta thing going on!

  2. Hi Terry
    We're looking forward to assisting you in selecting the perfect Sinthetic for you! When you place the order with the deposit, the first thing we need locked in is the eye color because the eyes take about 5 - 6 weeks to get made. Everything else can be up in the air until we begin production. Once production begins, items will get locked on your order so that they can no longer be changed. After the deposit is made, we currently have a very short lead time on the body 1H so it could be as little as 3 weeks before final payment can be submitted. If you are not ready at that time, we will gladly wait. You can either make your payments in installments, or one final lump sum whenever you are ready. It is at that point when you will want essentially all selections made. To help make your selections, you can email us pictures of dolls and models you really like so that we can identify trends and help you pick the best selections. Please email sales@sinthetics.com for assistance.

  3. Hi Terry, welcome here !

    Any idea about the head you are going to order ?

  4. Thanks Kroff..im currently saving my pennies to pay for my deposit...Im currently thinking of a Tawny head or CelesteI must admit I love the celeste in the delivered gallery named smokin hot goddess!...love that style! but also like the Tawny head withthe gothic make up....Ive got time to decide ....sooooo any new picture updates would be great.


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