1. I'm sure the admins/mods of this forum are well aware of the "heated dollitical discussions" that have been going on within the hobby for the last several months. In some cases that has included such actions as individuals with axes to grind hiding their identities behind multiple usernames. In the interest of avoiding that kind of hiding, are we allowed to know who user "Sinthetics" is? It would be sufficient just to know what their usernames are at the other doll hobby forums. Also, are there other admins or mods of this forum?

    Secondly, the heated dollitical discussion have often included attacks on the integrity of the Sinthetics business and personal attacks on employees of Sinthetics. In most cases these attacks have been made on a forum where the moderation policies limit or remove rebuttal. Other doll hobby forums have only slightly weaker policies to limit and remove discussions of these attacks, further restricting rebuttal. To what extent is it appropriate and will it be allowed to make such rebuttal posts on this forum?

  2. Hello TDF

    Bronwen is the primary responder behind the general Sinthetics ID. Chris, Matt and sometimes even the owners may use that ID or create their own. There are no admins or mods for this forum and we hope it is not necessary to add any. We don't expect this to turn into a giant doll forum to compete with any of the others online. We're just making this a simple place for discussion and friendship. This is not intended to be a political sounding board, soap box or place for people to grind axes. This is supposed to be a FUN place where people can talk openly and enjoy conversation specific to Sinthetics. We will not stop people from talking about other products or making comparisons because that type of dialog helps us know what is important to doll enthusiasts.

    The rules are very simple and posted here: http://sinthetics.com/forum/topic.php?id=3 There is also a search function on each page so you can search the forum for keywords such as TOU or rules.

    We do not expect to have to do major moderation because we expect people to behave like adults and follow the rules. Assuming that people can be responsible, self-moderate and avoid flame wars everything will be fine. If not, we'll discuss the situation as a group (all of us at Sinthetics) and make a decision on how to proceed from there. In a perfect world we would not have to delete, ban or ignore anyone or any comments.

  3. Thanks (Bronwen ?). It sounds to me like you don't want the type of rebuttal posts I described here. They are NOT fun.

  4. Our point was more that rebuttal posts shouldn't be necessary if people are behaving like civilized adults.



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