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  5. <TABLE>
    <TD>Mazda Chtrade leadsina sales rose 42 pct in Aug to 14,418 units

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    Mazda China sales rose 42 pct in Aug to 14,418 unitsPublished: 04 Sep 2009 00:02:01 PST

    Mazda Motor Corp said Friday its retail car sales in China in August rose 42 percent from a year earlier to 14,418 units.</p]
    China sales of Mazda cars in the first eight months this year were 106,301 units, up 27 percent from a year earlier, the Japanese car maker said in a statement.</p]
    Sales at FAW Mazda Motor Sales Co rose 14 percent in August to 8,555 units, and sales of Mazda brands cars at Changan Ford Mazda Automobile, a three-way car venture with Ford Motor Co and Chongqing Changan Auto, rose 124 percent to 5,863 units.</p]
    Mazda currently has 237 dealers in China and the automaker plans to expand the number to 250 by the end of this year.</p]<p align=center] Explore the World, Understand China!
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  6. <TABLE>
    <TD>China, Etubular motorU Agree to Strengthen Cooperation Through Talks

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    China, EU Agree to Strengthen Cooperation Through TalksPublished: 13 Sep 2009 20:45:11 PST

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  7. <TABLE>
    <TD>Growth ousb tv playerf toy exports hit hard by global financial crisis

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    Growth of toy exports hit hard by global financial crisisPublished: 23 Apr 2009 14:00:39 PST


  8. <TABLE>
    <TD>CIC to ivalve actuatornvest US$700 mln in Mongolian miner

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    CIC to invest US$700 mln in Mongolian minerPublished: 28 Oct 2009 20:06:18 PST<p class="authorInfor"]</p]<!--begin CK content--]<ul class="narrow"]More From ChinaKnowledge.comChina Economy DataChina Business GuideChina DemographicChina Industrial ParksChina Financial Market<P]Oct. 29, 2009 (China Knowledge) - China Investment Corp, the country's US$300-billion sovereign wealth fund, has agreed to invest up to US$700 million in Iron Mining International Ltd, a privately-owned Hong Kong-registered company focused on iron mining in Mongolia, sources reported.</P]<P]The terms of CIC's investment in Iron Mining International involve a US$500-million convertible loan. The company has the option to increase the loan to US$700 million.</P]<P]CIC expects to boost its capital by acquiring natural resources and property assets as the global economy is recovering. </P]<P]Commodities have been a major focus of CIC's investment strategy, said CIC Chairman Lou Jiwei, adding that the company has allocated US$110 billion for overseas investment and that 50% of the funds have been deployed. Originally, CIC planned to set aside US$67 billion for overseas investment.</P]<P]CIC has invested US$40 billion in other assets so far this year. It had invested a total of US$13.52 billion by the end of last year, sources said.</P]<P]On Tuesday, CIC announced another sizeable Mongolian deal. It agreed to invest US$500 million in Canadian company SouthGobi Energy Resources Ltd, a unit of Ivanhoe Mines Ltd.</P]
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  9. <TABLE>
    <TD>Hang SenVeste à tailleurg Index opens 870 points lower on Thu

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    Hang Seng Index opens 870 points lower on ThuPublished: 13 Nov 2008 02:23:59 PST

    Nov. 13, 2008 (China Knowledge) - Hong Kong stocks plunged on Thursday morning, with the benchmark Hang Seng Index opening 870 points lower at 13,068.93.</p]            
    Hang Seng China Enterprise Index, which tracks the overall performance of 43 Chinese mainland state-owned enterprises on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, plummeted 538 points to 6,652.03.</p]            
    The two largest Chinese oil producers, Sinopec<600028><386><SNP> and PetroChina<601857><857><PTR> opened 7.73% and 8.36% lower at HK$4.32 and HK$5.50 respectively.</p]            
    Financial stocks also saw losses at the market opening, with market heavyweight HSBC Holdings Plc<5><HBC> and the Industrial & Commercial Bank of China (ICBC)<601398><1398> tumbling 5.45% and 7.31% to open at HK$81 and HK$3.59 respectively. China Construction Bank (CCB)<601939><939> slid 7.76% to HK$4.00.</p]            
    Top insurer China Life Insurance<601628><2628><LFC> was down 5.98% to HK$20.05. <br /]            </p]            <br /]            Copyright © 2008 http://www.chinaknowledge.com<br /]            <br /]            Send feedback or comments to: news@chinaknowledge.com<br /]            <br /]            For more news, financial weekly reports, business guides to China and other premium information, subscribe to China Knowledge today: <br /]            <br /]            To access our page on Bloomberg, type CKFI <go]</go]<!--end CK content--]            <!-- right Begin --]                                                                        Related Topics                                                                                                                    China News                                                <br /]                                                                                    <map id="Map" name="Map"]                                                </map]<!-- right end--]����Ⱥ�� ���� ���Y ���ɹ����� �F���� seo���� ����� �F���� �ڥ���[/url] [url=http://www.shinsetsu-g.com/]���쥸�åȥ���� �F���� [url=http://www.cashguide.jp/]�����åԥ

  10. <TABLE>
    <TD>Inner Movoltage regulatorngolia's proven coal reserves hit 701.6 bln tons

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    Inner Mongolia's proven coal reserves hit 701.6 bln tonsPublished: 24 Feb 2009 22:17:05 PST<p class="authorInfor"]</p]<!--begin CK content--]<P]Feb. 24, 2009 (China Knowledge) - The proven coal reserves of China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region have reached 701.6 billion tons, ranking the first in the country, according to the Department of Land And Resources of the region. </P]<P]Of the total proven coal reserves, 477.7 billion tons were proven in the last five years. </P]<P]Last year, the coal output in the autonomous region was 457 million tons, representing a year-on-year increase of 30%. In January, the region's coal yield reached 22 million tons, sliding 26.6% or 7.97 million tons from a year earlier.</P]<P]Reportedly, Inner Mongolia has completed resource integration for 230 collieries and reduced the number of coal mining rights from 1300 to 606.
    Copyright © 2009 http://www.chinaknowledge.com

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    For more news, financial weekly reports, business guides to China and other premium information, subscribe to China Knowledge today:

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    DZˮ���� DZˮ���۱� DZˮ��� ǻ϶���Թ��������� ǽֽ �ż� �������� ��ʽ���ػ� �и��� �и�ʽDZˮ���۱� ��Ƭ�� ��Ƭ�� ����Һ ���Ӽ��� �۲��� ���ֱ��๫˾ ���������� ���Ǵ����� ���Ǵ����� ��б��


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    <TD>��˵ ������ 2�ȵ�ż�춨¯(2)

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    <TD>�ڸ����� �ڶ���ɣ��˿���ڶ�ʮ����(1)

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  17. <TABLE>
    <TD>�ھ��� ��Ļ�����Ϻ��칫�Ҿߣ�1��

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    <TD>�Ծ� �����£�4�Ϻ����룩

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    <TD>�ڰ��� ˫ϲ�����Ϻ��Ž�(5)

    �Ϻ��Ž� �Ϻ��ֶ����๫˾ �Ϻ���ҵ���� �Ϻ���ҵ�޵�Ѻ���� �Ϻ���ҵ�޵�Ѻ���� �Ϻ���ҵ�޵�Ѻ���˾ �Ϻ���ҵ�޵�Ѻ���˾ �Ϻ���ϴ��̺ �Ϻ����Ű�Ħ �Ϻ��з��빫˾ �Ϻ�ˮ�� �Ϻ�ˮ�� �Ϻ�ˮ�ó� �Ϻ�˿�ఴĦ �Ϻ���ǽ��ϴ��˾ �Ϻ���վ���� �Ϻ��޵�Ѻ���˾ �Ϻ����� �Ϻ����� �Ϻ�������˾


  20. <TABLE>
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  21. <TABLE>
    <TD>�ӹ�Ʒ����Ʒ ���DZˮ�ã�3��

    �DZˮ�� ���ڱ������ҹ�˾ ���ڳ���װ�� ���ڳ���װ�� ���ڸ������ҹ�˾ ������ѧ�н� ���������� ���������� ���������� ���������� ���������� �������� �������� �������� �����޺����� ������ɽ���ҹ�˾ ����ӡˢ �����й������� ����װ�� ����װ�ι�˾


  22. <TABLE>
    <TD>С¥һҹ������ ����װ�ι�˾��ʮһ�ڣ�3��

    ����װ�ι�˾ ����װ�޹�˾ ����װ�޹�˾ �����������ذ� ���� ������ô�� ������ ������е ������е ������е ����̨ ����̨ ��̬ľ ���� ������΢�� ��ֳ������ ��ֳ������ ��ֳ������ ��ֳ������������ ������


  23. <TABLE>
    <TD>��ί�ɲ� 11��ʥ����Ʒ1��

    ʥ����Ʒ ʬ������ ʩ�͵±�Ƶ�� ʪ�������� ʪ�� ʪ�� ʪ�������� ʮ�������� ʯī ʯī�缫 ʯī���� ʯī�豸 ʯī��Ʒ ʱ��Ƥ�� ʵľ¥�� ʵľ�� ʵľ�� ʵ���ҹ��� ʵ���ҼҾ� ʵ���ҼҾ�


  24. <TABLE>
    <TD>Verdi's  photo frame wholesale Macbeth to open Beijing festival

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    Verdi's Macbeth to open Beijing festivalPublished: 09 Oct 2009 06:02:01 PST<p class="authorInfor"]</p]
    <br /]Singers performing Macbeth.</p]
    By Mao Renjie </p]
    Giuseppe Verdi's opera classic Macbeth will open the much-anticipated 12th Beijing Music Festival (BMF) this evening. One of the largest-scale annual cultural events in the capital, the festival features 21 classical music performances and presents a range of lectures and free concerts to promote classical music in the city.</p]
    BMF began in 1998 and is endorsed by the Ministry of Culture and the Beijing Municipal Government. Held annually in October, when Beijing is enjoying its well-loved autumn season, the festival has become one of the city's most significant and creative cultural events, presenting operas, symphonic and chamber music concerts, musicals and jazz performances.</p]
    The festival has introduced many classic performances to a keen audience, including the Chinese premiere of Gustav Mahle's Symphony of a Thousand in 2002 and Richard Wagner's complete Der Ring des Nibelungen in 2005.</p]
    This year's festival will also thrill music lovers, according to Yu Long, founder and president of BMF Art Foundation. Tonight's performance of Verdi's Macbeth is also a Chinese premiere. The opera has appeared in the repertories of opera houses worldwide including Washington National Opera and San Francisco Opera.</p]
    Based on Shakespeare's Macbeth, this evening's performance from the Savonlinna Opera Festival, is a four-act work by Giuseppe Verdi with an Italian libretto by Francesco Maria Piave. It tells the story of how a former heroic soldier Macbeth becomes a tyrant under the influence of his wife and a group of witches.</p]
    The Savonlinna Opera Festival in Finland is an internationally recognized month-long annual festival. The event attracts around 60,000 people each year, an estimated quarter of whom come from abroad. The festival produced a new interpretation of Verdi's Macbeth in 1993, with redesigned sets and costumes and a unique operatic approach.</p]
    "We try to present a modern version of the ancient tragedy," explained stage director Ralf Lanbacka. He said that Savonlinna Opera Festival's version of Macbeth has mainly been adapted from the Paris premiere in 1865, only without the ballet that Verdi specifically designed to cater to the taste of the French audience.</p]
    "One feature, or we can say innovation, of our version is the emphasis of the item crown," Lanbacka added, referring to a huge crown hanging midair on stage, which in his words is "the symbol of political power, the source of all evil in the play."</p]
    "What we will present at the Beijing Music Festival is a very special combination of global talent," said conductor Jari Hamalainen, who is also the art director of the Savonlinna Opera Festival. Hamalainen explained that the performance will combine costumes, stage design and direction from Savonlinna Opera Festival, a chorus from Shanghai Opera House and music from the China Philharmonic Orchestra.</p]
    "It is an interesting experience to work with these two local groups, which are both professional and experienced," Hamalainen added.</p]
    In the past BMF has attracted internationally renowned musicians and orchestras, including Christoph Eschenbach, Lorin Maazel and the Berlin Philharmonic. Highlights of this year's cast include Midori Goto, Pinchas Zukerman and Gary Graffman, presenting their classic music favorites.</p]
    The focus of chamber music is a noticeable feature on this year's agenda, with concerts performed by musicians and orchestras from across the globe. One of the most notarized chamber orchestras in the world, the Academy of St Martin in the Fields, will work with Korean-American violin virtuoso Sarah Chang to present two concerts, one of the most talked about inclusions on the program.</p]
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