1. Hi everybody
    After a fantastic pair of LDs, I was unable to resist to Sinthetics ones style 1.
    They will arrive on Monday....asap I will post pics
    Stay tuned

  2. We're looking forward to seeing your pictures G! Thanks for posting.

  3. Well, the LD's feet were beautiful, but the Sinthetics ones are amazing. Frankly a new step toward reality is reached !

    Enjoy these few pics taken when I received themThanks again to Bronwen and Matt, Cheers

  4. Great pics, Gerbe, thank you for posting them!

  5. Astonishing detail !   Are those silicone nails or hard plastic nails.


  6. Hi Mark
    The pics speak by themselves....Its unbelievable
    The nails are hard plastic
    if you are in feet...don't hesitate

  7. Thanks for posting those pictures Gerbe!  I also just recently purchased the Style 1 feet, and they truly are the most realistic things I've ever seen.  If anybody out there even remotely likes women's feet........you NEED to get these!!!  Gerbe, which skin tone is that on those feet?  I got the dolce skin tone myself and I'll have to remember to post a couple pictures when I get a chance.

  8. Hi Hi Sir
    the skin tone is "peachy" a nice advice from Bronwen, I love them...
    However, under natural sun, they look (just a little bit) too shiny. Except that........nthg more to say ahahha>
    I try to imagine the feeling of a complete doll with such a skin texture.
    So when can we expect your pics ? If you need some help to upload keep me informed


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