1. Hello,

    Does a Sinth with the internal heat system option can take a shower ?
    Stay for a while in a bath ?

  2. Yes, the system is entirely enclosed except at the neck where you plug it in to the outlet. To bathe or shower your Sinthetic, make sure you unplug her first, then cover the port where the plug goes. You do not want to ever get that part wet but you also don't want to let the hanging hook or hole for the hook get wet either. The easiest way to cover both areas is to take off the head, put a good shower cap over the neck and both holes, rubber band the cap on to make sure it wont let water in, then bathe your doll. If you are looking to do a photo shoot, do not put the doll in the bath or hot tub with water past the shoulders and make sure that area doesn't get wet.

    These pictures show the placement of both the hook and the entry for the heating cord so you know where to cover.

  3. Great ! Thank you very much !

  4. Does the heating system work in 110v only or both 110v/220v ?

    In other words, do I need to buy a simple power adaptator or a real converter 110v<>220v (and in this case what power in Watts ?)

  5. Yes, you will need to buy a power converter, or send me an email and I'll get you a conversion kit from a local store here. They have the conversion kits for travel.

  6. How many Watts are required ? What's written on the heating system box please ?

  7. Are you in Europe Kroff, (because this sounds as if it is a general question for the 400-odd million of us on this side of the water)?

  8. Yes I am. I live in France Alistair.

    But most of the european customers are in my case...

  9. Info directly from the unit box:
    Use the 12 Volt power supply with 110 volt wall sockets or with charger in your car for cigarette lighter/cell phone. 5.8Amp output.
    Output: 12 VDC - 5.8A
    Input: 100 - 120 VAC
    50/60Hz 1.8A
    Do not exceed 6 amps.

  10. Thanks, it will be useful !

  11. Does the heating system heat the torso portion of the body?  And approximately how long does it take for the heating system to heat the doll to say 96F?  Thanks


  12. The heating system only heats up the internal entries, it does not radiate to the surface of the doll because silicone is a very poor conductor of heat. It is worth noting that for insert dolls it may be better to get the doll without heat because you can simply put the insert into very hot water to heat up then install it in the body. It takes about an hour and a half to heat the internal entries up with the low-voltage system. To heat the outside of the body you can leave the doll in the sun for a couple of hours or use an electric blanket.

  13. A bit off topic but what face is that? She's so beautiful!

  14. That is the Tawny head. :)

  15. Thanks...Man I really like her!


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