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    This video is a tutorial on how to enlarge or refill sagging breasts. This is intended for platinum silicone dolls only: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=71jzKMjAEqs

    The kit shown can be purchased through Sinthetics. Please email Sales@Sinthetics.com with the year. model and brand of your doll and the general skin color (fair, medium, dark) for pricing.

  2. Very great video. Was that Matt doing the repair while you where holding the camera?
    Hope to see the next video. At the end of the clip says "there is a additional clip" and "it shows how to use plastic wrap"

  3. Hi Simon,
    This is a very old clip from one of the first LDs. Matt did the work, Bronwen did the (rather bad) videography. It was something intended for the first few LD owners because the early ones (Maybe the first 5) had this issue until Matt changed the materials used. The 2nd video got lost somewhere unfortunately. If someone sends me an email and reminds me to post on Monday, I'll put up photos of how to use the plastic wrap to get a clean repair finish.

  4. Forgot to remind you on monday for the photos. Hope you did found them be now.

  5. There are pictures in this album of some repairs which people may find interesting. The first series are of a 4Woods wrist. lip and armpit repair. The 2nd set shows a knee joint repair and how to use the plastic to make a nice clean seam. The 3rd set is of a joint repair on a Candygirl.


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