1. Hi All,


    I'm new to this forum and wanted you to know that I have ordered a Sinthetics doll because of the great detail in the feet.  I ordered the body 2D because it is rumored that she will have larger hips and buttocks than other doll manufacturers have on the market.  I have many dolls and love them all but most have the small hips and butt of a model for photography so my search is for a butt I can cuddle.


    I will post the outcome.



  2. Welcome Bill !

    I hope she is the Doll of your dreams

  3. Welcome here Bill !

    We are all waiting for this new body you know ! ;-)

  4. Great to see you here Bill and we're looking forward to sending your beautiful girl home. She will be the first body 2 delivered so you have something extra special coming your way.

  5.        me too!!!!, i cant wait to have my own too but as the justlegs

  6. Cool!  Time goes so fast for me.

    Life is good.

  7. Bill, the 2D was released this weekend during the doll meet and the guys were really raving about her curves. We hope you love them too! Pictures will be added to our site shortly, but in the meantime you can see the photos from the meet at ODC and TDF.

  8. Hi! also new on the Forum, a fan from México, I am soo interested in Body 2D, right now how much is the waiting time for this awesome mannequin? could I order without makeup? I have a Ruby and I am familiar now with makeup stuff, also I like the idea to change face looks according to the clothes.

    I just saw the 2D picts in another forum....... just amazing! 


  9.      I am another newbie poster (2 Aug 2011), although I have been reading up on the threads. I am excited to see the new models that will be coming out soon, as well as those planned for the furture!

  10. Welcome Mexdollover and Noq.

    Mexdoll: The wait time on the body 2D is about 10 - 12 weeks at the moment. We do not ship our products without make up but you can order the Super Natural eye shadow and the Nude lip (or Natural Glow which is lighter) so you can add make up over the top. Our neutral make up is intended to give the appearance of a fresh-faced model with natural coloring rather than the look of make up. We do this because silicone is completely flat without color so the neutral make up adds realism without a lot of color.

  11. I'm still waiting for my 2D doll.

  12. My 2D doll arrived today and she is very beautiful.  She is the big girl I have always wanted and only weighs 95 pounds.  Her skin is very soft and I look forward to cuddling with her.


    Life is good.


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