1. hello! i can buy an independent penis(without body) just as a dildo...greetings.

  2. Yes, you can buy the dildo version of any attachment. https://sinthetics.heroku.com/designs/new You can see the available options in the "Attachments" category and you can order there as well. Simply make a note when you submit your order that you want the dildo version not the insert version. The price shown of $349 is for the upgraded version which has multiple grades of silicone for soft scrotum with testicles inside, softer outer layer to the shaft which has a firmer core. If you just want the single-stage (one density of silicone like a regular dildo but still realistic looking) the price is $249. You can email Sales@sinthetics.com to order those. We can also do fun-colored single-stage (non-realistic feeling) ones like the pink one below.

    Example of the uncut dildo in pink marble pearl

    Example of the 6" upgraded attachment which can be worn by a woman with an o-ring harness; you can see the different densities of the silicone in the way the testicles stretch etc. ($250)

  3. Wow.  I didn't realize the scrotum was so malleable! Are the testicles individual orbs stuck in a silicone "pouch", or is it all molded in once peice?

  4. The testicles are little individual "balls" set into a gel within the "skin" of the scrotum.

  5. Wow! Fun stuff.

    I have two questions:
    1)  Is the base we see on the upgraded model a suctioning base?
    2)  Is the color in the upgraded model integral or can it wear off?


    BTW, great idea to set up this forum as a way to make info available!

  6. The base is not a suction cup, it's just some "padding" for balancing the dildo more easily for play or to give an O-ring strap something to hold and some buffer for the lady using it. Toys without a good base can result in some bruising on the user's pelvic area when there's a lot of force used with the strap on.

    The color is mostly permanent but it is applied after the silicone is cured so with a lot of friction over time the color could come off. It does take a considerable amount of friction and play for the color to start to come off. If it does wear off we can give pointers on replacing it.

    Thanks for the compliment on the forum! We're enjoying it.

  7. That is really cool!  Ive got to start paying more attention to this stuff!


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