1. The beauty of these dolls makes it easy for me to get in and take very close in photos without fear.  The no-glare finish also allows me to shoot without fear of my lighting setup, and finishing the photo is a breeze because I'm not having to correct for the glare I get on my other dolls (who I *love*...don't get me wrong on that one).

    Here is Kristen with a VERY short blonde wig.  Might not be your cup of tea, but these heads are just so damn VERSATILE!

  2. Oooops !................................... So lovely !

  3. Thanks for this photo, Perry.  I hadn't noticed before the detail of the mucous membranes in the corners of the eyes.  Absolutely beautiful.  And the translucent quality of the teeth -- you'd swear they were bone, not silicone.  This only makes me more anxious for my 2D with her Alicia head!

  4. Would I be right in thinking that that's no eye liner or eye shadow?

  5. Alistair, she has the Super Natural eye shadow and Asian style eyeliner (which is upper lid only) in Chocolate.

  6. I like it!

    Does it come in other colours?

  7. Well there are LOTS of eye shadow colors, 10 eye colors (soon to be 12), and all the eye liner styles can be done in Night (black), Chocolate (brown), Charcoal, Sapphire (navy), or Emerald (green).

  8. Grand


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