1. It seems there is a problem with your mail server or something of the kind since you did not receive my two last messages sent to sales@sinthetics.com. It already happened in January by the way.

    Bronwen, I have sent them again tonight. Please confirm me you got them.

    Maybe incoming emails are automatically considered as spams ? I just don't know.

  2. Kroff, I did receive your messages both times. I believe the issue is on your end because I have also replied to your messages. I also replied through the French doll forum. Please check your SPAM filters to make sure messages are not being stopped.

  3. I just don't understand what happens... :-(

  4. I have forwarded the reply from a different email server now. See if that one arrives. Maybe we can figure out the issue...

  5. I've spent 30 minutes on phone today but the problem is now solved...
    Nobody knows why but your email adresses have been blacklisted by my Internet Service Provider, so none of your mails could be received by me. They were blocked on the ISP mail server.

    Now it should be ok, and I can read your messages at last.
    Thank you ! :-)

  6. So glad it's resolved!


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