1. We are happy to announce that Sinthetics will be hosting a doll meet in Los Angeles in July.

    We’re planning the meet to coincide with the Adultcon convention in Downtown LA. The meet will be hosted at Sinthetics’ studio in Los Angeles and all forum members and their dolls are welcome.

    We hope many of you will be able to take the trip and bring your silicone friends with you. Of course non-doll owners are also welcome. We will post specifics about dates, times, locations etc as time draws closer. Feel free to make suggestions of any topics of discussion, activities or “classes” you may be interested in.

  2. This sounds like such a great time. I wish I could go. but it doesnt look like I can.

  3. Try! We would love to see you CJD, and what a great excuse to come to beautiful California.

  4. i would love to come, i have family out there!! i might try and make it my vacation

  5. hi sinth any idea when ull be able to ost more info? about the adress ect need to plan it for a wc ect

  6. it is a good idear !   I am looking forward to go there ,but I am in  China ,can you help me to go abroad and attend the lucky meeting? 

  7. For those of you traveling from far away, and especially those bringing dolls, would you prefer to get hotel rooms or perhaps a house rental to share? Houses can be less expensive and more comfortable. We can do some legwork to try to find the most comfortable lodging.

    What would you like to see or do? Here are some ideas:
    * Movie night (maybe French film Monique or Lars and The Real Girl)
    * Day trip to Adultcon
    * Photography class - indoor and outdoor lighting, posing etc
    * Repair tutorials - bring damaged dolls and we'll try to help with repairs/instructions
    * Doll and Enthusiast meet and greet
    * Doll make up class
    * Methods of dressing, undressing, wig care etc
    * If we have enough days, possibly try to get a group pass for Universal Studios entertainment park?

    Post your ideas and wish-lists!

  8. id be very glad to hear or read where it will be in relation to the entirety whats near by ect. just for an overview... itherwise i think you've got nearlly all of em

  9. I like all the ideas (maybe not Universal Studios since I was just there) and can I bring a bottle of wine from Temucula to honor this event.

  10. Here is some info FYI since one of the Forums has (as usual) imploded into a series of absurd allegations.

    The primary reason for this meet is to connect doll enthusiasts with other doll enthusiasts and give a safe, private environment to share and discuss dolls. We will welcome most manufacturers should they wish to attend and they are welcome to bring examples of their product as well. If any other manufacturers are exhibiting at Adultcon you'll also be able to see them there.

    We picked the date because it coincides with the trade show Adultcon (which we did not name, with which we are not affiliated and will not be exhibiting at). We picked the Adultcon show over other LA shows because it is the largest and has the best attendance. It also happens to be in July when more of our friends and clients felt they could get down here and take time off from work.

    We hope to see the regulars from the other annual doll meets as well as some new faces. Encourage your friends to come out, carpool if you can with others from your area! If you choose to fly and you cannot bring your dolls, feel free to bring pictures.

    Although this will be hosted at the Sinthetics facility and we will be offering classes and various events there is NO CHARGE to attend! You will be responsible for your own travel expenses but the classes, movie viewing etc are all free. Feel free to re-post the official information from this thread on other forums if you feel the information is pertinent!

  11. Best of luck.

    This sounds like it will be an awesome meet.

    I like the idea of "Hands on" workshops.

  12. There has been much discussion over on http://www.ourdollcommunity.com about the meet and so far we have an outstanding attendance list! We're REALLY excited. For people who are seriously considering attendance, please begin a dialog with Bronwen at Bronwen@Sinthetics.com to get more information and talk about what you'd like to see. People who are definitely attending will be added to a private conversation thread where specifics are discussed. This is an open event in that doll enthusiasts and their dolls are welcome, but it is not open to the general public to simply spectate. This is definitely a participation driven event! Actual names of attendees, and specific addresses and times will be kept private because everyone's privacy and comfort is of paramount importance.

    So far the dates are set from Friday July 29 - Monday August 1. When we have a clearer head count we will contact a local hotel to get a bulk discount. Many people are flying or driving in on July 28th to get settled and all activities will begin on Friday morning. So far, the tentative itinerary looks like this (subject to plenty of change):

    Thursday evening: Doll and doll owner meet-n-greet and meal at the Sinthetics studio. Bring your dolls to see everyone! The more the merrier, no brand restrictions.

    Friday morning may get split into two groups. Group 1 will drive down to San Marcos (+/- 2.5 hours each way to visit the RealDoll factory). Group 2 will get breakfast then spend the morning in the Fashion district in LA doing some dolly clothes shopping. May also do a quick walk through China Town on the way back to the studio. Lunch at Philippe's in China Town or Urth Caffe in the Arts District.

    Friday afternoon is in the air still - possibly a group trip to visit the Ruby13 factory about an hour from LA or maybe an afternoon of discussion and classes at the Sinthetics studio/ visit to Adultcon. Some discussion options: How to do basic doll make up, fix eyelashes, moving and storing your dolls.

    Friday night: Dinner with one of the owners of Sinthetics and some company employees followed by movie night (maybe French film Monique or Lars and The Real Girl) or other entertainment if everyone is still awake!

    Saturday all day: Photography classes and discussions - studio photography led by Perry and/or Incrediwagon; possible demo on making a doll support track system and using Incred's stance modifier; outdoor site photography led by Matt. Part of the outdoor class will help teach doll owners how to interact with curious passers-by and not come off as uncomfortable or "weird". 

    Saturday evening: Classes on basic repair techniques and possibly a doll stand building tutorial led by Camp. Bring damaged dolls and we'll help with repairs/instructions

    Sunday: Brunch of fabulous Dim Sum in China Town followed by a day trip to Adultcon.
    Afternoon class on methods of dressing, undressing, wig care etc or possible visit to some LA attractions like Grauman's Chinese Theatre or a viewing of the Hollywood sign from Griffith Park Observatory.

    Sunday night: Final dinner together - perhaps  a beach location like Santa Monica or Malibu, or some hip sushi in Hollywood if that's more interesting.

    Monday: If anyone is leaving late on Monday night or on Tuesday, perhaps a few tourist attractions in the morning might be in order.

  13. We have the most current activities list for the doll meet this month. We hope to see some of you forum lurkers there. Please know that this is an RSVP-only event so email Bronwen@sinthetics.com to let us know if you're attending. If you cannot make the entire weekend, you can come to just some events.

    Here is the most recently updated itinerary (still subject to some changes):
    Thursday 28th – arrivals. 7:00pm snacks, drinks & meet-and-greet for attendees and dolls
    Friday 29th – divided into 2 groups.
        Group 1:     8:30am breakfast then a morning in the Fashion District to shop for dolls clothes. Possible quick walk of China Town
                1:00pm lunch in China Town at a Los Angeles landmark
                2:00pm one group will head towards Huntington Beach to tour the Ruby13 facility; those staying behind will relax and chat
        Group 2:    8:30am depart to visit the RealDoll facility, then visit the Ruby13 facility in the afternoon with Group 1.
    Friday evening – low-key dinner together and either early to bed or possibly movie night.
    Saturday 29th -     9:00am breakfast
                10:00am “How to” stand making and other photography/maintenance supports
                11:00am outdoor photography session and seminar
                3:30pm lunch
                5:30pm Studio classes & repairs: How to do basic doll make up, fix eyelashes, moving and storing your dolls, basic repairs
                8:30pm dinner & continuation of classes/discussions
    Sunday 30th -         9:00am breakfast Dim Sum then morning tour of Adultcon convention
                1:30pm lunch
                Afternoon: Either visits to LA attractions or classes on methods of dressing, undressing, wig care etc
                7:00pm dinner in Venice Beach area
    Monday 1st -         Most people are departing after breakfast.       


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