1. Because the feet are under-represented on our site at the moment, here are pictures of them for you to enjoy. We will add more pictures as we take more.

    Thanks to Davecat for allowing us to post his pictures of his Tall Feet (Milk skin tone) in this gallery.

    Foot from body 1H - Style 1

    Feet style A - Short, tall and upgraded (two-tone) short

  2. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are so beautiful!! and realistic!! I want a pair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. How or were can I obtain a pair of these???  Oh wow  I am so hard just looking at them?  Or how can I make my own?

  4. @johnluvfeet:

    Here ya go, sir (site may require login) :



  5. Thanks for catching that Doug!

    Using the link above you can select the style and finish details that you would like. Happy shopping!

  6. My slow dial-up out here in the boonies keeps me far behind... because I only just now found these pics comparing Style 1 and A. Correct me if I'm wrong or if I use different terminology, like "slim proportions" - to me Style 1 seems chunky and thick, whereas Style A to  me seems slimmer.  Specifically, on a side view, compare the thickness from the bottom of the foot (arch) to the top (instep) compared to the overall length of the foot. Style A pics seem slim, with long slim toes e.g. the 2-tone short feet pic showing the bottom view of the soles.  Proportions of A seem slimmer, thinner, longer to me. Am I confused? -Fan.


  8. can you have the toe separate? or be separated

  9. why doesnt anyone give me a response on my last comment

  10. Centra, I was out of the office on business for 3 days. Please be patient when contacting us. We're in a period of trying to relocate right now which takes me away from the office Friday - Sunday most weeks. Hopefully by mid-May everything will be back to normal.

    The big toe is separate from the others, and we can separate the toes in pairs but we do not recommend it. Because there is no internal structure in the toes they can be pulled off if they are separated. Also, where they are attached will always be a flat spot if they are cut. It is best to leave them attached.

  11. I'm wondering what the current lead time is if I were to place an order for a long pair of the Style 1 feet?  Thanks.

  12. Current lead time on the tall feet is about 4 weeks. Usually it would be closer to 3 but the move is disrupting production a bit.

  13. Hey, I'm daniel. I am very interested in the type of feet you will be offering from your company. I have been getting feet from this company in China and its so realistic. They actually have footprints on the feet and the silicone they use feel like real skin. How different are your feet from the RealDoll manufacturers cuz everyone on here says the feet are great. I just need some more positive feedback on this topic so I can be future customer.

  14. Since we had an unusually diverse selection of feet shipping all at the same time we took the opportunity to take some photos for you all. As you can see we have captured the details in the soles of the feet as well as everywhere else (all the feet shown are Style 1). The Style 1 feet are from the body 1H so anyone waiting for that body type can expect the same detail on their doll. We hope you like what you see!

    More photos will be added to the Feet Gallery page next week.

    Crushing a shoe-sniffing teddy bear!

  15. Wow!  The level of detail on the soles of the feet is outstanding.  Thanks for posting.  I look forward to getting my pair.

  16. Just got my Style A Short feet yesterday! And man.. I am amazed at the details of the soles. Feels like I'm handling a women's feet, and the shipping was fantastic! Matt & Bronwen, Thanks again! And keep up the good work.

  17. Realistic, we're so glad your feet arrived already. If you like to photograph them, please feel free to post your photos on this forum!

    rdp, yours should arrive very soon!

  18. I also just received my Style 1 short feeet and am enjoying them tremendously.  Like Realistic said, the priority mail shipping was very fast and I got mine two days after it was shipped.  I bought the Style A short feet last year from L.D. but must say that I like the new Style 1 feet even better.  Everything, from the skin texture/details on the top of the foot/heels/toes to the wrinkles and creases on the sole of the foot was captured even better with the new Style 1 foot cast.  If  you look closely enough you can even make out some of the footprints/swirls on the soles of the feet.  Lengthwise, from heel to toe, the Style 1 feet are probably about a half inch longer than the old Style A feet and for those who like longer more slender toes the Style 1 feet are definitely what you want.  The Style 1 is also considerably "thicker" than the A feet so it does feel a bit heftier in the hand.  All in all, it seems as if the quality of these products just keeps getting better and better,and these new feet definitetly get a two very enthusiastic thumbs up from me.  If the feet for the upcoming Body 2 are different and available for sale someday I'll probably end up buying those as well.  Kudos and thanks to Matt, Bronwen, and the entire Sinthetics team for another fantastic product.  If anyone has any questions about the feet, feel free to ask...........

  19. Glad to hear you're enjoying your feet rdpineda! And yes, I've already took photos of my feet, and plan on posting them tomorrow. I also can't wait to see how the Body 2 is gonna look!

  20. Looking forward to seeing your photos Realistic.  I'll probably do the same when I have the time.  The more I look at these things, the more I'm amazed at just how realistic they are.  They truly are as close as you're going to get to having a real woman's feet right in front of you. 

  21. Here are pictures of my feet I've promised to post up. Enjoy!

    Skin tone: Peaches, Nails: Cherry 
    Here's the link to see more

  22. Thank you for posting, Realistic!

  23. You're Welcome!


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