1. We hope you all enjoy this opportunity to communicate amongst yourselves and directly with us at Sinthetics. Feel free to discuss anything doll-related that you'd like to. Although this is a Sinthetics hosted forum, we do not restrict discussion of other doll brands.

    Here are some basic rules:

    1) Be kind! Make nice with your fellow doll owners. This is not a place for flame wars.
    2) Be open! Discuss your experiences and expectations without fear of judgment.
    3) Adult-looking dolls only. We have a zero tolerance for dolls that could be interpreted as under the age of consent (18) by Western standards.
    4) Your pictures belong to you! You can host them anywhere you like. Remember to watermark your images.
    5) Self-moderate! Please be respectful of other posters and try to keep threads on topic. Feel free to start new threads!
    6) Cross-posting is Cool! Feel free to cross post here if you have topics going elsewhere and you want to share.
    7) NO SPAM! Any posters who are putting junk messages on the forum will be deleted along with their posts.
    8) Big and small are A-OK! You're invited to discuss life-size dolls as well as other collectible dolls.

  2. sweet!!!!!! i like cross posting if im describing another doll designer. and i love this forum

  3. Hi everyone! glad to be here :)


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