1. Hi all:

    I can't seem to find the Just Legs lower torso anywhere on the site.

    *Please* don't tell me they've been discontinued?


  2. Hi Doug
    Yes, the legs were discontinued. If there is sufficient interest and it looks like sales will be good on the legs we will make a new version from the body 2. Legs guys - speak up if you really want these items! We only make new product if it seems there will be good sell-through.

  3. I am ordering tall feet and was almost ready to order "Lovable Legs" which were the original, slim and slender lower torso. I'm behind the times due to slow dial-up in my rural area - so I'm not constantly online. Bronwen says the body 2 may be thicker proportions, which may not appeal to me. I like very slim, almost skinny legs/feet/hips. Now I see there are two different tall feet to choose from, so I have to find pics to see which are the slim skinny proportions with the longest toes. Then I can finally order my tall feet with custom shorter trimmed nails, solid cherry red color. I really dislike the new fashion fad of french tipped long nails. FanOfStephR.

  4. If you want slender feet and long toes, the style 1 is definitely want you want.

  5. Sinthetics - Aw, heck. Thanks for the update. I am sad that they aren't available

    However, I've a set of the Peaches Short and Tall Feet (very, *very* nice, BTW). Was looking forward to placing an order (eventually) for a Just Legs doll...I'll have to "rally the troops", as it were ;)

    (Bronwen knows of whom I'm talking about ;) )

    FanOfStephR - The feet I have are 'decked out' with the French Pedicure...call me a sucker for that style...although I wouldn't rule out different colors. You will be pleasantly surprised with the realism and painstaking detail MattK puts into them. It's been nearly four months since I got mine, and I *still* expect them to start moving at any second. Yes, they are *that* good. The pics on the site do not do them justice.


  6. If any of you do own the feet and you'd like to post pictures here on the Forum, please feel free to do that. Once we have some time to focus for a minute we'll do some photos and add some galleries of the feet products. I'll start a thread with pictures of the feet for all to enjoy.

  7. YESYESYESYESYESYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I REALLY WANT THE JUSTLEGS DOLL I REAALLLLY WANT THEM!!! im a really big legs fan and im a legs guy so i would really like to order a couple of pairs. ive seen patick wise and his version of the just legs doll and i like them they are very sexy but i love the old legs that you guys did while back and just want to know if we legs guys give you a big YES! on the legs doll if you guys would start prodution on them again

  8. Thanks for the input Centra. Just an FYI to avoid confusion, the legs made by Matt K were Lovable Legs and those are no longer available because his company is out of business. Any future development on legs will be an entirely new thing with the Sinthetics silicone blend, finish and internal structures. These are two different companies. I state this just so it's understood that this isnt starting production again, it will be the first time for the Sinthetics brand.

  9. Ah...got it.

    Sorry if I confused the two, Sinthetics...absolutely did not mean to do so.


  10. i really want to see the just legs dolls if you guys could start production on them  sinthetics i would really like to buy some

  11. just FYI Bronwen i just want to ask everyone who are "legs" guys i really want to know if yo guys want MATT K to start making the just legs doll for us. i really want us legs guys to give Bronwen a big YEA for the legs doll because i know we all really miss the loveable legs that matt k made on his old website. so who's with me on this because we can really make up a huge clientelle with SINTHETICS and i know i really like the feet that sinthetics is doing but i even want to see a lowerhalf doll or "just legs" doll sinthetics can produce if we give them sufficient interest then maybe they will start a production line of them

  12. So here's a question - would you want the skinny legs and little butt off the body 1, or would you want thicker legs and ass which will be on body 2?

  13. Hi there!Leg guy here.To answer Bronwen's question, I'd love to see a body 2 lower half. I prefer thicker legs and big ass and hips

  14. I vote slim, lean, slender lower torso -like the old Lovable Legs with Style A feet. (BTW, I just ordered my tall feet Style A).
    IN FACT, I make a commitment to buy, and will give deposit (refundable contingent on production) for slim version with Style A feet.
    -Fan.      PS...
    ...Can someone post pics of the original Lovable Legs, although I think you can still go to the defunct site:
    I'm going there to try it now, but my slow dial-up causes me much grief. -Fan.

  15. The Lovable Feet site is no longer - it just forwards to this site. It is being gradually faded out and will eventually go the way of the dinosaur. As far as a lower torso goes I doubt there will be one with the Style A feet. The reason for this is the torsos are always based on an existing body and the style A feet wont be used again. We are working with models who have feet that are less wide over the ball of the foot because of overwhelming requests for that from the foot fetish community. So basically the choices are only:
    1 ) Legs and feet as they already exist from body 1H
    2) Legs and feet as they already exist and will be produced on body 2D (Pictures will be posted of this body in a few weeks).

  16. i would like to buy the just legs doll with slimmer hips and thighs and i would like slim feet and long toes. or just place  large order with all the legs are from body 1 thats what want for me.  

  17. if one were to want to make and order how much would you need to put down for a deposit and how much extra would you need to cover the rest of the payment of the order

  18. For the legs we usually require payment in full at the time of ordering but may consider 50% in 2 installments. As it happens, though, we are not ready to take any legs orders right now because we're in a heavy development and studio relocation phase. Once we've got the new studio built and functioning we'll put out feelers to see who may be ready to buy some legs. From there we can decide what molds to make first.

  19.      so have you guys found a permanant place to do business? and when can we know when you guys are up and ready for some legs orders?

  20. hey Sinthetics, have you guys found a new studio yet, i know cali is a little crazy lol. BTW  i love what you guys are doing. Bronwen i hope things are going well for you and matt k. i guess things are hectic right now for you guys. kept up the awesome work.

  21. Centra, yes, Sinthetics has found a permanent studio now but it is not ready to move in. Construction is necessary which is making things a little chaotic. We will be moved by mid-May so it will probably be mid-June before we're able to talk about adding the new legs torsos if people are still interested.

    thats great news, yes i really would like to make a order for the new justlegs doll. just a quick question can i get a discount on my order of justlegs because i was never able to get my loveable legs before they were discontinued.  how much would the justlegs doll be if you put them in to production?

  23. The legs will be $2,500 plus shipping if they get put back into production. We cant talk about discounts when we are discussing new mold costs - with the cost of molds the first 10 pairs are made at a loss to us. If you want to talk about discounts that is something negotiated through private emails.

  24. ok cool, i like that, ill definitely keep that in mind thanks a bunch

  25.      why do you guys lose profit on the first 10 pairs of justlegs once out of production? too be honest with you Sinthetics im going to wait till mid june when everything goes back to normal for you guys to put in my order for the justlegs doll would that be ok?


    i know you guys are super busy with the move so take your time we can wait i hope things can calm down soon for you!!!

  27. The cost for developing new product is extremely high. New molds are expensive and time-consuming to make. With the cost of materials for each item we make, plus manufacture time, it takes the sale of many items before we break even and even more before there is actually profit. The legs were discontinued because the cost for the molds was never recovered. This is why we are reluctant to make a new version of the legs. After all, business is about making profit eventually. We cant add endless items that ultimately lose money. I hope that better explains why anything new or custom costs more.

  28. yea that make perfect sense, im just wonder if i can convince my buddies in our group to ask other legs guys if they want a justlegs doll maybe that will start a windfall effect and maybe you guys get amazing profit from all the new orders that come in after the new batches. i really dont want the justlegs to be discontinued just like the loveable legs.

  29. Please create the Seductive Legs.....

  30. hey danny i think they want to wait until mid may or mid june to start on the seductive justlegs dolls

  31. i really having trouble deciding between patick wise's "she's got legs" super sexy leggy legs doll and possible sexy justlegs doll with sinthetics. i just really want sexy pantyhose legs dolls and i dont know who to go with? any ideas?

  32. I'd wait for legs from Sinthetics if there's enough interest down the line so you can make a proper choice.
    I prefer Matt's products myself but i don't think you can go wrong with Patrick either.
    If you want something right away then PIB's you're option so far.

  33. im thinking about doing both, i love patick wise's "she's got legs" dolls but i also would like to buy sinthetics justlegs doll when ever they start production on  theirs. so yea Jaques i love the two companys and would love to have pairs from both of them

  34.       hey Sinthetics, what is the shipping on the JustLegs doll when it is put in to production?

  35. Shipping is dependent on weight. Within the USA the original legs shipped for $98. Future legs would probably be in the same general ballpark.

  36.                   cool, thanks Sinthetics i was wondering about that

  37. I want to know if the feet have textured skin on the soles?

  38.            i was wondering about that too

  39. cmon sinthetics, whats going on? im curious to know how thing are going with you guys. i really want to buy the justlegs doll when it becomes available i hope to see them soon

  40. As most people know we are in the middle of a major move right now. We are only in the office 3 - 4 days a week because we are doing the physical labor of building the new studio ourselves. We have had no internet availability for the past 4 days. This move and the manufacture of new molds while we are local are the primary reasons we are not discussing the legs as viable options right now. Please be patient. It was stated earlier in this thread we will not even be able to discuss the legs until June at the earliest.

    As far as the feet go, yes, there is texture on the bottom. They are molded from real life so the texture of the girls' feet are in the mold.

  41. oh wow thatscool and sexy,  i can't wait till i can get my justlegs doll

  42.       will the Justlegs dolls come with two tone feet? i would really like all of my just legs dolls to have two tone feet it gives them a more realistic look and feel 

  43.         come on you guys i know you want the legs dolls to come back because you loved the now extinct loveable legs so come on and give your feedback. hey Bronwen when can we start to see options for the justlegs, options like different size labia, freckles, different styles in nails, pubic colors and styles, options of how you want on the legs doll that sort of thing

  44. If we make the legs they will be available with all the same options the full dolls have which include freckles, special nails, pubic hair etc.

  45.      i would love to see pictures of some of them. if u were to do a large order like say 10 pairs how much would i need for both the legs and personal shopping?

  46. Are you asking just to ask Centra, or are you asking seriously? This is the kind of thing to be discussed in private emails if you are serious and actually ready to move on something like this.

    This is a comment I made yesterday in relation to another project but something that everyone who is demanding/requesting development of new items needs to keep in the forefront of their minds:
    [quote author=Bronwen link=topic=2302.msg27754#msg27754 date=1305667707]

    Before taking on all the sculpting and mechanics of a doll the market has to first be proven (or at least very obviously wanting)... If there is a large [ ] population out there who is unserved, they need to really speak up and get in on the discussions about what they want. And then of course, the hard part, is having them put their money where their mouth is! If people do not buy the [products] that they ask for, the fact is manufacturers will stop looking at the forums and either stick with what they know sells or just make what they want. There's a common trend for people to demand and demand and demand certain features/styles/looks, then when it gets to market they go "Oh, that's nice" and never order. Ultimately it's the people who actually buy who push the market forward and those who just talk about what they want but will never order actually can hurt the industry because it costs manufacturers SO much to make each new [product]. It also hurts the industry and the ability of small manufacturers to continue to develop when people make demands/suggestions, see a company make exactly what they want and only then start saving. The financial outlay to make a [new product] is much more than anyone could guess because there's more to it than just a nice sculpture. These statements are not pointed at anyone, just things that people should be conscious of when trying to direct what gets made when. Frankly, if the market exists and people do actually buy what they ask for, Sinthetics will be HAPPY to step up and make all kinds of different items. But only if the market legitimately exists (ie: Orders support development.)

  47. Hey! I think you really scared him away with this one!
    Good thing. He was starting to get on my nerves.

    In my case, I'll just wait patiently until there is enough people to make a new legs mold worthy.


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