1. Hi everybody,

    Our office and finishing is taking a break this
    week. Matt's father went into congestive heart failure yesterday and is
    currently non-responsive. Matt and Bronwen need to be with family now.
    The production areas will remain working but no shipping, finishing or
    admin this week.
    We apologize for the inconvenience.


  2. We are back at work today trying to get caught up and keep our heads on straight. Quick review of the situation in Ohio:
    we arrived at the hospital on Tuesday Matt's dad was non-responsive and
    being treated for pneumonia (treatment started Father's Day). He could
    open his eyes for a few seconds but could not speak or recognize who was
    with him or follow commands.

    Around Thursday we were informed
    the treatment as yet was not making any change, and the Congestive heart
    failure was confirmed along with atrial fibrillation/irregular
    heartbeat. On Thursday he was able to speak in very short bursts (just a
    few words through the course of several hours) but was clearly fatigued
    excessively by the attempts. He did not recognize Matt or me. One of
    his psych medications prescribed for dementia was removed on Thursday
    evening/Friday morning.

    Friday and Saturday he was primarily
    non-responsive to conversation or instructions like the rest of the
    week. Still no change from the pneumonia treatment. We were
    unfortunately unable to speak with a specialist to find out what other
    course of treatment is even an option given the variety of health
    problems involved.

    Most of the time there we were primarily
    focused on assisting Matt's mom who is extremely fatigued and suffering
    her own health issues, some related to the likely imminent passing of
    her husband of 53 years.

    Sunday we had tickets to leave but were
    fearful to come back to CA because things are very dire for Matt's
    father. No one is bearing false hope at this point. Right before we had
    to get to the airport Matt's father was conscious thanks to removal of
    the one dementia drug. He was able to recognize Matt and talk a very
    little bit. This was both a relief and agony for Matt who feels it was
    the last conversation he will ever have with his dad. We have
    unfortunately seen before the last flash of life in a person right at
    the end when my dealt with the passing of my mother in 2010. Latest
    information confirms that the Pneumonia is still not improving despite
    the medication. At this stage we are just waiting for "the call" which
    we expect to be quite soon, possibly even this week. We are trying to
    keep focus on what we are doing here while knowing that we'll most
    likely have to drop everything to attend the funeral soon.

    We do
    appreciate the sentiments from everyone around but post this primarily
    so that those who know us or have a Sinthetic due to be delivered
    imminently can be kept informed of why/when we may have to travel. I
    will post again if anything changes in either direction.
    - Bronwen

  3. A  little bit of hope has come our way - it seems Matt's dad is making a slow recovery. We are hoping it continues to get better. Thanks to those who have been so caring and supportive during this time.


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