1. Hi Sinth.

    I don't know if it is in my end the problem lies, but when I want to view the "Delivered Dolls" gallery and I click to view specific head/body combinations, most of the buttons; Alicia, Celeste, Kimiko, etc etc, lead me to either en "Error 404" page or a "damaged link" page.

    It's not that big an issue, but I imagine you'd like to know of all problems encountered by users.



  2. We are aware of the issues. It was something that happened when the designer of the new site omitted some important information. She has refused to repair the damage she did so we now have new developers looking at a complete rebuild. We're doing what we can to get it all working as soon as possible. We know it's damaging to have so many galleries absent especially as we have 7 new photo sets we want to upload.

  3. That's a real bummer, well good thing you're American, you can always sue :)

  4. The main galleries should all be back to working normally. We are still fixing the delivered dolls galleries. Once the links are back to normal we'll add a couple of new photo sets and the most recently shipped dolls. :)


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